Why You NEED The Robert Welch Campden Cookware Collection (+It’s On SALE!) *AD*

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Why You NEED The Robert Welch Campden Cookware Collection

When it comes to cooking, I have a few dishes I’m confident creating from scratch: Soup, dahls, stir-fries and rice crispy cakes. Beyond that, I can’t soufflé, sauté or scale a fish! However, even with my limited skills, I know the importance of good cookware. I’m a firm believe that you are better investing in two or three great pans, rather than cluttering up your kitchen with oodles of poor quality pans which don’t really cut the mustard (just a little culinary pun for you there!). Over the years I’ve used everything from my mum’s specialist AGA pans and cast iron Le Creuset, as well as vintage pans from charity shops (which are more about cuteness than cooking), as well budget pans from supermarkets and honestly, as much as you might think ‘A pan is a pan’. It’s SO not the case! Bad pans make bad food. The heat doesn’t conduct properly and you end up with the food at the top being undercooked whilst the food at the bottom is burnt and stuck to the pan. Plus over time the handles can fall off or wobble around (so dangerous!) and not only that, but poor-quality non-stick pans can loose their non-stick properties super quickly and sometimes the coating kinda flakes off into your food. Gross right?!

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My Favourite Moto: Buy Cheap, Buy Twice

Whilst pots and pans might not seem like a very glamorous thing to spend your hard-earned cash on, they are  actually a great investment. If you spend a little more now, not only will your food cook better and taste nicer, but you won’t have to replace your pans every few months, so you will end up saving yourself a tidy sum. I’ve just started using Robert Welch pans and honestly, they are brilliant! I can’t recommend them enough! They have a copper core sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel, so heat is spread evenly throughout the pan and your food cooks beautifully. Plus because it’s stainless steel and food doesn’t get stuck to the bottom, they are super easy to clean. And not only that, they look super stylish in my new kitchen. Plus, every Robert Welch piece of cookware comes with a 25 year guarantee and the non-stick part of the frying pan is guaranteed for an impressive 10 years, so you can feel super confident with your purchase for the next 25 years! The Robert Welch Campden Cookware collection is award winning because it’s so good, and the frying pan was recently named The Independent’s Best Buy. I can confirm, it’s a great frying pan! Right now, the Campden Cookware Collection has 20% off, so if you are fed up of old pans ruining your food and taking hours to clean, then I highly recommend you treat yourself to these beauties! They cook just as great as they look and at these reduced prices, they really are a great investment! The offer runs until the end of October, so snap yourself up a pair soon!

This post has been sponsored by Robert Welch. As always, all opinions are my own.

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Robert Welch Campden Cookware Collection frying pan set

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  1. October 17, 2018 / 10:23 am

    So true!! Love these shiny pans

    • fashionforlunch
      October 19, 2018 / 10:59 am

      aw thanks susie! they cook like a DREAM!