The Autumn Fragrance Edit (+Some New Perfumes You Need To Try!)

Goutal 'Eau De Charlotte' perfume

The Autumn Fragrance Edit

Can you believe I’m writing this on a saturday evening with a sleeping puppy next to me and a fire roaring on the other side of me?! We are fully in Autumn right now, I have the hot chocolate and cashmere jumper to prove it! Today I want to share a fragrance edit which includes some beautiful fragrances for the Autumn season, as well as some rather lovely new releases. I’m thinking about autumnal berries, woodsy notes, gourmands, warm glowing fires and midnight cocktails. Are you ready? Let’s go!

a Serge Lutens 'Le Participe Passé' perfume

Serge Lutens ‘Le Participe Passé’

Like all Serge Lutens fragrances, Le Participe Passé is inspired by his often traumatic childhood, which is why there is often very dark and mysterious accords to his fragrances. This new release takes heavy inspiration from fir balsam, it’s rich, enveloping and feels somewhere between a cosy fire and a dark forest. It also has a real herby note and I’m sure there is some liquorice in there too. Needless to say, this is right up my street, or woodland path, I just adore it!

a Trussardi 'Sound Of Donna' perfume

Trussardi ‘Sound Of Donna’

Trussardi Sound Of Donna is inspired by modern multitasking women, who love their jobs, free time, music, life, opportunities and friendship. It’s young, sassy and fun. It’s as dynamic and as it is flirty. Filled with notes of mandarin, green almond, magnolia, heliotrope, tuberose, rose, sandalwood, patchouli and ‘Mont Blanc’ Accord. It’s really fun and joyful to wear, it’s got a work-hard, play-hard feel to it.

Azzaro ‘Wanted by Night’

Here’s one for the men! Azzaro Wanted by Night is ‘bold spicy and spirited’. Filled with notes of cinnamon, white cedar, mandarin, cumin and tobacco. It’s bottle is like a bullet and the fragrance is just as lethal! Just kidding, but it is really beautiful for the gents; refined, dark, strong, comforting, spicy, powerful and sexy. It feels like an evening fragrance, but also very smooth and comforting, think romance and drinking cocktails in an old London bar. My boyfriend has been wearing this one a lot lately, he loves it. I like it too!

L'Occitane 'Terre de Lumière' perfume

L’Occitane ‘Terre de Lumière’

L’Occitane Terre de Lumière is inspired by Golden Hour in Provence… does it get any better? Savour the precious sunsets of late summer and breathe it all in! It’s a dreamy and delightful fragrance which is part gourmand and pure joy. Dominant notes include almond, honey and lavender. It’s smells very natural and elegant, as you might expect from L’Occitane, but it’s also got a richness and intensity which really elevates it into being something very special. It’s stunning! I love it so much I also have the matching shower gel which is shimmer-infused (as all good things are!)

Mugler ‘Alien’ Collectors Edition

I can’t even pretend, it’s the bottle which drew me to this fragrance! Isn’t it fabulous?! It’s like an iridescent dream and each one is different! This Mugler Alien is the EDP perfume that we all know and love, with dominant notes of jasmine, white amber and musk, but the bottle is a collectors edition, so if you are wanting a new bottle… now is the time to buy! 

Jimmy Choo 'Fever' perfume

Jimmy Choo ‘Fever’

I think this might be my favourite ever Jimmy Choo fragrance! Fever, is somewhere between a floral and gourmand. I love the mix of slightly unusual black plum, grapefruit and lychee, sat alongside the heliotrope, vanilla, amber and jasmine. The dark fruits give it a real autumnal and cosy feel, but it’s also got a very ‘going out-out’ feel to it. It’s got a bright lights, big city, christmas is around the corner, so let’s have a ball under fairylights, kinda feel to it!

Goutal 'Eau De Charlotte' perfume

Goutal ‘Eau De Charlotte’

This fragrance was first launched in 1982 and it was inspired by the late perfumer’s stepdaughter, Charlotte, and her love of blackcurrant jam! No really! Goutal Eau De Charlotte is fun, playful and pretty, but it’s also sensual, elegant and refined. Inspired by the young Charlotte, but crafted for the older Charlotte to enjoy for years to come. Dominant notes include blackcurrant, mimosa, cocoa, vanilla and musk. It’s really joyful and lovely, plus with the berries, it’s perfect for the season!

Diptyque ’34’

One of my all time favourite fragrances, I couldn’t resist adding it in! I’ve been wearing this perfume for years and I absolutely adore it, is it of course, Diptyque 34. It was inspired by the scent of the store, all the fragrances mixing together, so there aren’t really any single accords, more a heady mix of so many familiar memories of the collection. It’s heady, fabulous and even though I have been wearing it for years, I never tire of it! I’m not sure why, but I always think of 34 as being an Autumn/winter fragrance, in my head, the Diptyque store which inspired it is warm compared to the cold streets, with a glowing yellow light and oodles of preserved fruits and florals from summer, captured in fragrances and candles and mixed with woods, ouds, ambers, spices and precious ingredients. It’s far too rich and magical for the summer months!


Maison Margiela ‘Mutiny’

Maison Margiela Mutiny is filled with rebellion, abandon and sexuality. And in real terms, notes of tuberose, leather, jasmine, oud and plenty of bourbon vanilla. It’s not as dark and moody as I would expect from the brand and at first I was a little shocked by how sweet, sexy and easy-to-wear it was (I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I think it was something more challenging), but actually, it’s really fun and addictive. Whilst it’s not my usual style, because it is a little sexy for me, it’s really fabulous and if you can rock a fragrance which oozes sexuality and opulence, then this is for you! Enjoy!

angela flanders taffeta perfume

Angela Flanders ‘Taffeta’

Finally, I love such a soft spot for Angela Flanders fragrances, and I’m not sure if it’s because I walked past their Columbia Road store every day in a past life, or if it’s just because I love their slightly-off-the-radar brand with their beautiful and often unexpected fragrances. Probably both to be honest! But Taffeta is lovely with its peppery, leathery, rose and iris accords. It’s somewhere between being quite masculine and earthy and classically feminine. It’s really beautiful and one for the modern gentlewomen out there, it smells like a cool-girl East London fragrance, the kinda girls who wear vintage designer suit jackets with perfectly fitting old jeans and effortlessly good hair, y’know?!

And there we have it! My Autumn fragrance edit as well as lots of lovely new releases to explore! I hope you enjoyed! Let me know if you have any favourites!