October Favourites

Norfolk (& Cleethorpes)

This month we took a trip to Norfolk (and Cleethorpes) and I loved it!!!! I didn’t take many photos whilst I was there because I was too busy relaxing, eating and walking Gordon, but rest assured it was a much needed break! It was my first time spending time in Norfolk and it’s SO beautiful there!!! I had no idea! I can’t wait to go back for more! PS. My dress is from Boden, the suitcase is Radley and the handbag is Coach.

The Body Shop Personalised Mango Body Butter

Something really fun popped through my letter box this month! A personalised The Body Shop Body Butter! It was made just for me and it’s scented with mangos (SO GOOD)! It is to promote their forever against animal testing campaign, a big shout out to the body shop for their amazing work all these years!!!

stop treating me like shit toilet paper exhibtions parlour noir pink

Parlour Noir Exhibition

I’m obsessed with the Parlour Noir Exhibition which was held at Urchin Wines in Margate. Think Embroidered toilet papers, traditional needle craft, boobs, pink, politics and more. It was GREAT! Make sure you go follow on instagram or check out Jamelia’s website. PS. I loved it so much, I think I’m gonna go back to buy a print!

Aveda Cherry Almond Hair Care

Aw man!!!!! I swear! This smells SO good I can’t contain myself!!!!!! If you are looking for a new haircare routine which is free from nasties and leaves your hair looking great, then you need to try Aveda Cherry Almond Hair Care. It’s just as great as all the other Aveda hair care, but it smells WAY more delicious! Warning: it might make you shower hungry, but I’m 100% here for it!!! Obsessed!!!

vq radio lulu guinness kiss print

Podcasts To Subscribe To

This month I have been mostly obsessed with ‘The Dream’, which is all about the American dream of MLM and pyramid schemes. Also just a shout out to ‘Uncover: Escaping NXIVM’, if you haven’t listened to it yet, I highly recommend it! I am also kinda obsessed with the podcast ‘We Need To Talk About Britney’, which is weird, because I have never really been a pop princess and I don’t think I have ever described myself as a Britney fan, or even chosen to listen to a Britney song, but honestly, I love this podcast! Go subscribe!

Patisserie de Bain 'Cranberries & Cream' Hand Cream

Patisserie de Bain ‘Cranberries & Cream’ Hand Cream

I’ve been raving about Patisserie de Bain hand creams for a while now, so if you read regularly (lol! I’m so deluded) then forgive me for repeating myself. But I LOVE this hand cream, it’s so rich and nourishing and it smells dreamy. My last tube was the strawberry cupcake scent and my current tube is Cranberries & Cream and it smells so dark good. Honestly, this stuff is so underrated, next time you go into Superdrug, treat yo’ self, it’s currently £2.65 which is a STEAL!

Too Faced 'Better Than Birthday Sex' Mascara

Too Faced ‘Better Than Birthday Sex’ Mascara

What’s different about Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’ and ‘Better Than Birthday Sex’ Mascara??? NOTHING! Which is great because this Mascara is bloody brilliant! I honestly don’t get why some people don’t like this mascara, I think it’s incredible! This limited edition glitter packaging is for their 20th birthday! Happy birthday Too Faced! I love you guys!

Paris jumper matalan

Paris Jumper

Is this not the cutest jumper??? Can you believe it cost £10?! Yep! It’s from Matalan! I’m turning into a Mataholic (is that a thing?!) because their stuff is SO good and so affordable! I’m in there for my clothes and homewares and my Airbnb has a LOT of Matalan in it too! My fave Matalan find this month has to be this Jumper!

This Works Deep Sleep Bath Soak

This Works Deep Sleep Bath Soak

This Works make the BEST sleep products and this bath soak is increds! I had it once before (it was part of a Christmas gift set) and now I have another tub and I’m SO happy about it! Honestly if you struggle to sleep, please give This Works a try! Their pillow spray is amazing and their bath salts are divine! But don’t just take my word for it, the pillow spray is clinically proven. Honestly, I love it and this bath soak is giving me all the sleepy feels!

slip silk pillow cases

Slip Pillow Case

I’m late to the silk pillow case party, but I’m a recent convert. Admittedly, I hate the fact not all my sheets match my Slip Silk pillow case, but I’m getting over it! It’s anti-creasing on the skin and great for hair and great for skin. It also feels really nice and soft on your face, if not a bit slippery at first! Oh top tip time, in the evening have your silk pillow on top (next to your skin and hair, obvs!), but in the day; put your second pillow (which matches your sheets) on top of the silk pillow so it looks nicer. I’m big into matching bedding, can you tell?

Robert Welch Campden Cookware Collection frying pan set

Robert Welch Cookware

Earlier this month I collaborated with Robert Welch to share an offer on their Campden cookware collection and honestly, since the day I unpacked it, I haven’t any other of my pots and pans. Literally, not one and we have pretty high-end pans (my boyfriend is a food snob and I thought they looked cute!). This is just a gentle reminder that not all pots and pans are the same and it’s worth investing in a good set which will last you for years and years. For instance, these Robert Welch pans come with a 25 year guarantee and the frying pan non-stick coating comes with 10 year guarantee. Buy cheap, buy twice is what I always say, but with pots and pans, you could end up buying ten or twenty times because bad quality pans burn your food and need replacing constantly. The offer is over now, but I just wanted to share how good these pans are and how much I believe in buying great cookware… even for people like me who do little more than make stir-fries and heat soup!

Anya Hindmarch Rainbow Candle

Anya Hindmarch Rainbow Candle

Omg! I have been wanting an Anya Smells candle for the LONGEST time and I finally have one! It’s got a rainbow sticker patch on the front and it smells like washing powder! No really!! But like the best washing powder you’ve ever smelt! Isn’t it the coolest candle you’ve seen??? I love it SO much!!!!!!! PS. Alongside luxe freshly washed clothes, it contains notes of Calone, violet leaf, cucumber, watermelon rind, Persian galbanum, Australian mimosa, Hyacinth, pine needles, first-bloom crocus and honeysuckle. Just so you know

smart buy sunglasses chloe glasses fashion for lunch labelsforlunch oh la la top pink simply be

Flower Wall

This month I made myself a flower wall!!!!! It’s actually my second flower wall, but I think it’s my favourite of the two, which is why I have filmed a tutorial (it’s coming soon I promise!) isn’t it cute? Holler if I’m taking too many photos in-front of it! I feel like I spend half my day stood in front of it!

lush snow fairy body spray

Lush Snow Fairy

It’s back!!! It’s back!!!!!! I’m so flippin’ excited!!!!! And this time! There’s a body spray to match!!! Go stock up now before it all sells out, because it will!!!! Last year I didn’t buy any Lush Snow Fairy and by spring, I felt SO sad! This year, I’m stocking up good and proper!!

flipz chocolate cover pretzels


I’ve been a big fan of Flipz for a sweet time now. I first discovered them in America (obvs) and loved them, but until recently I’ve only ever been able to find them in the UK at stupidly high prices, I guess because they were being sold as an ‘American import’. A few weeks ago they landed in my local Morrison’s store, not as a ‘specialist item’ but just on the shelves like any other candy / biscuits / snack. I’m beyond happy to be filling my shelves (and stomach!) with them at £1.50 a bag. My friends… it’s the simple things that make me happy! Head down to your local Morrison’s and treat yo’ self!

Glossier Boy Brow

Glossier Boy Brow

My second tube of this! I lost my first one – oops! However, before I lost it, I did use it for long enough to realise it was worth the hype and now I have another and I’m happy as a boy with a playstation! I dunno, I thought I’d be clever there because it’s called Boy Brow. Ignore my lame joke! Anyway! It’s such a good brow product, it adds much needed volume to my pathetic brows and it is SO quick and easy to use! I use shade ‘Brown’. Just so you know!

VQ radio navy blue

Fireplace Accessories

My kitchen fireplace is filed with super fun accessories (which I love!) whilst my hall fireplace is pretty much empty of accessories because we have been lighting a fire!!! No joke! A real coal fire!!!! I honestly can’t believe we have managed to get to this stage! For about a year we had a a mattress propped up against this wall and a boxed cooker in front of it!!!! Hard work pays off! Sometimes it just takes a little longer than you might expect and the pay off is a log fire! I can’t deny, it feels pretty amazing!


GlamGlow TropicalCleanse

Finally, going in to November, I’m really excited about this new GlamGlow TropicalCleanser!! It smells increds, it sounds increds, but I have strict rules with myself and I don’t start new skin care until I’ve finish (or given up on!) my current skin care. If it’s anywhere near as good as the glow moisturiser, I know I’m gonna be hooked!

And there we have it, my October favourites… you know what wasn’t my fave?! HOW FAST THE MONTH RACED BY!



  1. November 2, 2018 / 3:38 pm

    Gosh you’ve had a busy October! I’m intrigued by that Mascara and I loved the shot of you with the Virginia Creeper as backdrop xx

    • fashionforlunch
      November 2, 2018 / 11:44 pm

      Aw thank you Susan! I’m so glad you liked it! And it’s a great Mascara!!!