Let’s Chat About The Chanel Wallet On Chain Bag (Review)

Chanel Wallet On Chain Bag Review

Chanel Wallet On Chain Bag Review

Hello friends, today I want to share a Chanel Wallet On Chain Bag Review. This was a bag I wasn’t sure if I was interested in, until I bought it and over the years, it’s become one of my most-used Chanel handbags – crazy right!!? Anyway, today I want to tell you a little more about this bag and hopefully inspire you to buy one, or maybe consider if this is the right Chanel bag for you, or not! Let’s discuss price, quality, size and so much more! OK! Let’s go!

It’s holds more than you might think

I always saw the Chanel Wallet on chain handbag and thought to myself ‘it’s so tiny… what could you possibly fit inside’. Well, it turns out, more than you think! No really! I can get a lipstick, phone, small set of keys and portable phone charger and cable in mine. The side panel gives a tiny bit more depth than you might expect, allowing it more space on the interior, especially when you compare it to the medium classic flap bag, which looks a lot bigger, but you look a loose of space because of the interior flap. Don’t get me wrong, the WOC is no magical Mary Poppin’s bag, but it fits in a lot more than you would expect!

I Use Mine When I’m Walking The Dog – Don’t Judge Me!

No really. I do! I use my Chanel WOC almost like a large wallet. You know those times when you leave your bag at home in favour of just grabbing your purse? Well, I don’t really use a purse these days so I grab my Chanel Wallet On Chain instead. It’s the perfect size for my purse, phone, keys and cash… and those all important puppy poop bags! Also, the WOC is perfect because you can wear it cross-body making it far more convenient than a regular hold-in-your-hand wallet. And before anyone asks, I don’t put the used poop bags in my handbag, just the unused ones!

Chanel Wallet On Chain Bag Review

True To It’s Name…

Yep! True to it’s name, it REALLY is a wallet on a chain! On the inside you will find the main body of the handbag (great for phone, keys & lipstick), as well as a section for plenty of cards (six to be exact). As well as a slim flat section which is perfect for notes and zipper section which is perfect for coins. It might look like a mini handbag, but on the inside, it has everything you need to make it a fully functioning wallet. Oh and on the back of the bag, there is a small pocket which is perfect for your Oyster card! They really have thought of everything for the gal-on-the-go!

Three Ways To Wear

Often forgotten, but there are actually three ways to wear the Chanel Wallet On Chain. Firstly, it is the perfect length to wear either over your shoulder to sit by your hip (I’m 5ft 6in) or as a cross body bag. Alternatively, the chain can be tucked into the bag to make it a clutch bag or a classic large size wallet. Finally, you can wrap the strap around the flap of the bag and loop it back around (so part of the chain sits flush along the top of the bag to make it a shorter shoulder bag which sits at your waist. This is a very cute look if you are wearing jeans and a blazer, or if you are super-petite.

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The Rumours Aren’t True

Finally and I’m kinda loathed to talk about this, but here we go. There is a vicious rumour out there that the Chanel WOC’s are poor quality, especially in comparison to the rest of the chanel handbags. People say they feel cheap, badly made, and generally substandard quality and a little cardboard-y when compared to other bags in the collection. This is NOT true. Not to sound like a show-off, but I have the Classic Flap Bag (large size) the Boy Bag, GST and the Clutch Bag, all of which are leather bags with a chain strap and I confirm, the Chanel Wallet on chain handbag is the same perfect quality! I don’t really know where these rumours started, but they are 100% not true! I use mine loads and it still looks amazing, the quality of the chain is perfect, the stitching is on-point, it’s kept it’s structure and the leather is the exact same as the large classic flap handbag I have. This bag cost me £1,800 (I got mine around June 2018, although you can pick them up way cheaper at Vestiaire Collective) and whilst that is a lot for a tiny handbag, it does FEEL like every inch the super-luxe Chanel bag you would expect! I also wrote this post about buying Preloved Chanel bags, which might be of help!

I hope this Chanel Wallet On Chain Bag Review post was of help to you and if you have any questions, please do let me know! I’m always happy to help!

Go Shopping!



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