Give Your Friends The Pep Talk They Need (& Let Them Give You One In Return)

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Give Your Friends The Pep Talk They Need

Every great 80’s movie includes two things. A montage scene and a pep talk. Actually three things… a montage scene, a pep talk and great fashion! I will forever wish my wardrobe is as cool as the Heathers’ and Veronica’s, I believe montage scenes are a super efficient and fun way to tell the story and I will never cease to find a good ol’ pep talk inspiring. I’m talking cheese-ball, slap on the back, American football coach staring us dead one the eyes and telling us ‘Got Get Them. Make me proud’. Maybe with a grunt and a ‘hands in’ moment at the end, you know the scene!

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The Power Of A Pep Talk

I mean it when I say; I believe in pep talks. Life can be really f***ing scary at times. Being self employed is scary. Being unemployed is terrifying. Being employed can be just as bad. Illness is crippling, death is unbearable and sometimes even the simple act of going for lunch with an old friend can leave a gal feeling anxious AF. Oh and don’t even get me started on life admin, planning for the future, changing jobs, asking for a raise, pitching an idea, moving house, getting married, getting divorced and battling through commuter tubes. I want to to get y’all down in the dumps, but what I’m saying is, life can be hard.

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‘Make Me Proud’

I have a theory. I think we all need our own personal American football coaches. Wouldn’t life be great if someone slapped us on the back and told us ‘Make me proud, son’ every time we opened our overstuff inboxes? Or looked us dead in the eye, grasped our shoulders and said ‘Make this your greatest ever flatlay photograph’ every time we struggle to shoot something super reflective for a sponsored post? There’s a reason motivational podcasts and books are so huge right now, it’s because we all are looking for a little extra support. But here’s the thing, whilst a little inspo can get you into the swing of doing your thing (which is great) but wouldn’t it be nice to have a little one-on-one support from someone you know who knows you and knows exactly what you do!? I think so! A life coach is a great option for checking in on your general direction, but are they gonna be there to tell you to get outta bed and send that pitch every morning? Probs not. You know who will be? Your friends. Ladies! Reach out! Speak to your friends. Tell them what you are struggling with, where you wanna go, what you wanna do, what you wanna achieve and let them in to the business / career side of your life and be FEARLESS. It’s likely if you start to let them in, they will let you in and even if you have completely different paths (which you probably do) two heads is always better than one and it’s always good to have someone in your corner telling you that ‘You can do this’ and ‘Things are about to get so good’ and even some reality checking ‘Babes. You’re tired. Take a holiday and give yourself a week to make the decision’. As women, we tend to let our friends into our homes, lives, relationships and pretty much every aspect of our world, EXCEPT our careers, goals and finances. It’s time we all discussed these things a little more and support each other. You might need to make the first step and do the talking, but once you do, they probably will share a little more with you. Once they do, you can be the football coach they need and give them the pep talks which will give them courage and support. When we all start sharing, we can start supporting. If we all gave our friends a pep talks they needed, the world would probably be a better place and we’d probably all get a lot more done because we wouldn’t spend so much time putting things off and procrastinating. Reach out, be the football coach they need you to be and let them be one for you too.

If we are gonna do this, whatever ‘this’ is for you, we are gonna do it together. *Backslap followed by a whoop!*

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