Five Ways To Up Your Blogging Game (Without Spending A PENNY!)

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Five Ways To Up Your Blogging Game…

Without spending a PENNY! Seriously! It’s SO easy to think that a lack of funds is holding you back. It’s SO easy to take a blog hiatus or even put off starting your blog because you don’t think you have the money / tech / equipment yet, but honestly, there’s so much you can do to up your blogging game without spending a penny. I’m not saying you shouldn’t invest in the things you need (because I believe you should!) but until you have the cash in your bank account, I want you to be the best you can be NOW and don’t let that stuff hold you back. My friends, here are Five Ways To Up Your Blogging Game FOR FREE!

Update Your ‘About Me’ Page

Let’s be honest, we ALL have an ‘About Me’ page, but when was the last time you actually looked at it?! No really!??! Think back! Mine was forever ago and before that it had been YEARS! I don’t know about you guys, but before I updated mine a few months ago, mine was COMPLETELY out of date, but if you look at the analytics and the number of page views, you’ll probably find it’s actually a really well-read page. Which is scary AF! Do yourself a favour and update your ‘About Me’ page NOW. Update the images, let people know why you started blogging and a little about yourself as a person and what you want to achieve with your blog. It’s a job we all hate doing, but just remember how many people EVERY SINGLE DAY are reading that out-of-date bio and looking at those blurry photos you took in your garden 5 years ago!

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Update Your Profile Photo and Banner pics

No really, go look at your profile photos on ALL your platforms. Do you love them ALL? If so great, but if not, hop to it and change them to images which you really feel reflect YOU! Make sure EVERYWHERE you are present online has a killer profile pic; Blog, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+… wherever you are, make sure that photo is one you are proud of! Oh and whilst you are at it, you might wanna check over your banner pics too, easily forgotten, but SO important! A good profile pic can make a person click on your blog or social media account and from that they might end up following, reading and engaging with your content. You might have missed that opportunity otherwise! Crazy right? Also, if you struggle to take photos and you aren’t happy with any of your possibly new profile pics, then maybe you could meet up with a fellow blogger friend and take a few shots of each other one afternoon! You’d be amazed what you can do with an iPhone, sunny day, pretty backdrop and a sunny smile.

Make Yourself A Media Kit

Another job which is laborious, but it’s GOTTA be done if you wanna up your game and work with brands and monetise your blog. Make yourself a media kit. It doesn’t have to be long, but get all your stats down, as well as your rates, photo, bio, achievements… this is your time to show off!!! Do it wherever you feel most comfortable and creative; illustrator, PicMonkey or even via a free online template (seriously, they exist, google it!) You could even do it with pen, paper and add stickers, then scan it in and make it into a PDF. Whatever works for you, but it’s important  to create one and if you invest a little time, it won’t cost you a penny! Once you start earning from your blog, my best advice is to reinvest it back in!

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Create A Workspace

I know this sounds obvious and I’ve been SO guilty of NOT doing this myself in the past, but creating a mini workspace will help you SO much! Seriously! I used to sit at my sofa or in bed and do all my work from there. At the time, I thought it was fine because we were renovating and I didn’t feel like I had much choice, but the minute I created a desk space, everything CHANGED! I suddenly had SPACE to be organised and productive. I could write to-do lists, keep a diary, make notes and even have a little spare space to create ‘desk’ flatlays if I needed to shoot something quickly. Even if you live in a tiny rented place (believe me, I’ve been there) and you have super limited space, try and find a tiny corner to set up the worlds smallest chair and table and start writing there! Over time you might need more space and maybe a few drawers and a cute pin-board, but honestly until then, grab that chair from the hallway and that tiny table from the living room and make a little desk. It will help you get into the right frame of mine and switch off from everything else and give you the blogging headspace (and psychical space) you need.

Learn How To Use The Equipment You ALREADY Have!

It can be SO easy to fall into the trap of thinking you need a new computer / camera / software / whatever in order to ‘be a better blogger’. But actually, it possible you have most (if not all!) the tools you need already, but you just need to work with them to get the most out of them. iPhones are INCREDIBLE these days, so learn how to use the camera to it’s fullest and edit the images to the best of your ability with the free apps (VSCO and Snapseed are amazing) and resources you can download onto your phone and computer. Similarly, you DON’T need a fancy Mac to be a blogger. I can always remember Carrie of WishWishWish sharing a snap of her laptop and *shock horror!* she wasn’t using a Apple. I think we ALL know she’s an INCREDIBLE content creator (seriously, she’s amazing!) and if she can do what she does (or did, she might have one now) without a Mac, then you can too. We are SO blessed that the internet is FULL of FREE resources and guides which show you how to shoot / edit / light / film / etc. for free. Google what you need to know, watch the YT tutorials, read the articles and blog posts and LEARN the best practises for the tools you’ve already got! And NEVER EVER let a lack of the latest equipment stand in your way! Even your old iPhone 5 and super slow laptop is a million times better than any artist  / designer / creator was using even 10 / 15 years ago, so don’t let the fact someone else has a snazzy new camera and latest iPhone make you feel bad about what you’ve got. They might have that stuff, but maybe they don’t have your talent and passion, and I think we ALL know that’s what really counts!

I hope you liked this post on ‘Five Ways To Up Your Blogging Game’ and if you have any helpful (and free) ways to up your blogging game, please comment below!

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      Aw I’m so pleased!!! thank you so much! I’m so glad it was of help!

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    September 6, 2018 / 12:02 am

    Love this! I need to do my profile picture soon, the current one is beginning to annoy me…. but I hate doing it! 🙁

    Erin || MakeErinOver

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      Ah Erin go do it! you will be SO happy when you do!!!!! xxxx

  3. September 6, 2018 / 11:26 pm

    Great post! Thanks for the reminder about the ‘about me’ page – really need to have a look at mine and update it

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    So very true about already having what you need…..

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