Summer Fragrance Edit (+Some Great New Twists On Classics!)

Kenzo 'Flower By Kenzo Red Edition' perfume

Summer Fragrance Edit

Oh la la! The Summer heatwave is in full force and I’m on the look out for perfumes which make me feel bright, fresh and breezy, rather than sticky and stifled in the summer heat. I collected some of the best perfumes (and a body spray!) which I’m hoping will make you feel happy in the sun, not bogged down under layers of oud, amber and rich roses… because as much as I ADORE those accords, they can make a humid day feel even hotter. My friends, this is my high summer fragrance edit!

Kenzo 'Flower By Kenzo Red Edition' perfume limited edition fragrance review

Kenzo ‘Flower By Kenzo Red Edition’

Let’s start things right! This Kenzo ‘Flower By Kenzo Red Edition’ is sooo pretty it’s killing me! It’s filled with notes of zesty blood mandarin, the prettiest red frangipani flowers, white musk and fleur de sel (salty, earthy, musky, almost sweet with violets and dried woods). I never knew I was a Kenzo Flower girl until this perfume and this fragrance is stunning!

Sesky 'Elegance' perfume

Sesky ‘Elegance’

Sweet, sexy and super affordable… This Sesky ‘Elegance’ perfume is only £25 for a 30ml bottle and it comes with a Swarovski crystal charm hanging off the neck of the bottle. So once you have finished the perfume, you can hang the charm off your favourite necklace or charm bracelet. It’s charming (literally) and whilst it’s too pretty and sexy for my personal style, it’s great for younger ladies and I love the fact it comes with the Swarovski charm!

Jo Malone London 'Nectarine Blossom & Honey' Cologne perfume fragrance review

Jo Malone London ‘Nectarine Blossom & Honey’ Cologne

Inspired by London’s Covent Garden early morning market, Jo Malone London Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne is a dreamy summer blend of nectarine, peach and cassis and delicate spring flowers and honey. Sweet, playful and oh-so-pretty! Oh and this yellow cap is exclusive to Selfridges; it’s Pantone 109, the colour of Selfridges and you want one, you can get them in-store now! I’m such a Jo Malone Girl and literally any excuse to buy a new perfume is good enough for me!

Robert Graham 'Courage' mens fragrance review

Robert Graham ‘Courage’

Whilst this fragrance is unisex, I think of it more suited to men than women. It’s Robert Graham Courage and it’s filled with notes of vodka citron, fresh bergamot and smoky guaiac wood. Inspired by a thrilling drive along seaside cliffs, it’s fresh, breezy, aquatic and a touch dangerous! My boyfriend loves it, it’s his Summer go-to fragrance!

annick goutal Goutal 'Ninfeo Mio'

Goutal ‘Ninfeo Mio’

Goutal Ninfeo Mio is a fresh, zesty, citrus based fragrance inspired by the Hesperides Gardens, near Rome. It is a beautiful blend of Lemon, citron, Bitter Orange, Galbanum Extract, Fig Leaf and Lemon Tree Wood. It’s a real sharp and fresh lemon-based fragrance with a hit of florals and green notes. Honestly, I can’t get enough of it right now in this hot sticky weather! It’s more refreshing than a Solero! Also, you might have noticed Annick Goutal are now just ‘Goutal’ and the bottles have had a refresh too, in case you were wondering!

Elie Saab 'Girl Of Now Shine' perfume

Elie Saab ‘Girl Of Now Shine’

Do you love Elie Saab classic Girl Of Now perfume? Me too! However, this new Girl Of Now Shine is really rather lovely also some might say… even lovelier! The classic scent of orange blossom and patchouli has been infused with solar notes and almond to make it a little more sunshine-y and delicious. And as cheesy as it sounds, it makes me feel like a shine a little more when I wear it… Whilst I can’t decide if I love this or the original the most, it’s really really beautiful and perfect for summer!

Van Cleef & Arpels 'Neroli'

Van Cleef & Arpels ‘Neroli Amara’

Each fragrance from the Van Cleef & Arpels ‘Collection Extraordinaire’ is based around one key ingredient, the other accords are merely there to support and highlight the crown jewels of the fragrance. As you might have guessed, the ingredient at the heart of this fragrance is Neroli; warm, green, slightly metallic and spicy, spa-like floral Neroli. It’s blended with spicy black pepper, cypress and warm, sweet honey for a wonderfully elegant summer fragrance. Oh and it’s one I would recommend for both men and women, I think Neroli on a man is really chic! Ah, I love this perfume!

Malin + Gotez 'Moroccan Fig'

Malin + Gotez ‘Moroccan Fig’

One of my favourite ever Malin + Gotez fragrances has to be Moroccan Fig. It’s a beautiful blend of bergamot, leaves, green pepper, fig, coconut and bark. There aren’t enough Fig-based fragrances on the market, but this one, has to be one of my all time favourites. I’m so obsessed with it! It’s actually divine! Another one that you can share with your boyfriend, although I hide my bottle as I don’t want to let him in on the green, fruity goodness! It’s mine and mine alone!

nina ricci bella perfume

Nina Ricci ‘Bella’

If fruity gourmands are you thing, then Nina Ricci Bella has to be your next purchase! This perfume is so much fun for summer, it’s sweet and delicious, but also a little zesty and tart with it’s top notes of green mandarin and rhubarb. There’s rose jelly(!) at the heart, along side rose and freesia, with vanilla and white musk at the base. Again, a little too youthful for my every day, but I absolutely love it on others! It’s so pretty and fun and also really unique! Nina Ricci make fragrance SO MUCH FUN!

carolina herrera VIP Party perfume

Carolina Herrera ‘212 VIP Party Fever’

I’m sorry, but I  have to admit, what drew me to this fragrance was the bottle! It’s true! However, it’s more than just a really fabulous and fancy bottle, it’s actually a really fun fragrance too! Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Party Fever is a delicious and delightful Lychee Liquor cocktail on a base of salty musk. It’s such a fun summer accord, perhaps a little youthful for me, because I’m an oldie, but I swear, if you love lychee and sexier summer scents, this is for you! PS. More Lychee in perfume please!!!

guerlain terracotta perfume review fragrance summer

Guerlain ‘Terracotta’

One of my all-time favourite summer perfumes has to be Guerlain’s Terracotta. Filled with notes of rose, mimosa leaves, cassis and almond tree flowers. It smells like the perfect summer day, sunshine and holidays. It’s pretty much the perfect summer fragrance! Oh and it’s recently turned 30 years old, the best of us are oldies!

Jo loves tuberose body spray

Jo Loves ‘Tuberose’ Fragrance Body Spray

I actually blogged about these Jo Loves Body Sprays here, but I wanted to mention them again as I know so many people LOVE body sprays and beautiful luxury versions are so hard to find. The Tuberose is my favourite, but they also come in Vetiver, Fig and Grapefruit… enjoy!

…And there we have it, my summer fragrance edit! Let me know what you think! I always love hearing your thoughts and favourites!