Fragrance: Chopard ‘Rose Seljuke’

Chopard 'Rose Seljuke' perfume review

Chopard ‘Rose Seljuke’

“The inspiration of the hanging Gardens of Babylon made me imagine this perfume as a primordial garden of eternal sensuality… Luxuriant and generous, totally mysterious and intoxicating.. I created this Perfume as a tribute to the most heavenly flower on earth”. 

– Alberto Morillas, Master Perfumer.



Damascene Rose, Oriental Woods, Madagascan Vanilla, Tonka Bean and Peruvian Balm

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When it comes to fragrance, I’m such a Rose-Girl; I just love the scent of those delightfully classic florals! I have a whole array of rose fragrances in my wardrobe; some of them are just rose with very few added accords, others are blended with ouds, ambers and woodsy notes. Some are a little more green and fresh, whilst others are more earthy and autumnal with berries and patchouli. I never tire of wearing rose-based fragrances and I honestly believe there is a rose for every season, occasion and mood!

Anyway, my current fragrance obsession is Chopard Rose Seljuke and it is, of course, a rose dream! And even though it’s so. darn. hot right now, I don’t even care that this is quite a heavy, dark and Wintery twist on rose because it makes me feel so good when I wear it! The rose is opulent, velvety and sensual, and even though it’s not mentioned, I’m sure there is a hint of saffron in this perfume. The Oriental woods are are rich, slightly dry and spicy, they give the perfume a real ‘spice market and antiques’ vibe. At the base of the fragrance there is tonka bean, vanilla and Peruvian Balm, which together smell sweet, earthy and exotic. There’s something about Chopard Rose Seljuke which makes it (and me when I wear it!) feel very ‘well travelled’, maybe it’s the warmth or maybe it’s the rich ingredients, but either way, it’s delightfully rich with roses, spices, antiques, woods, earthy accords and vanilla. It’s truly majestic and magical and despite how darn hot it is right now, I don’t want to save it until Winter, so I’m wearing it now. It’s far too special to save!

Chopard Rose Seljuke is out now and available exclusively at Harrods. It is priced at £240 for a 100ml bottle. Alternatively, you can buy the discovery box of this fragrance and along with Miel d’arabis, Orange Mauresque and Jasmin Moghol, they are all part of the ‘The Gardens of Paradise’ collection and priced at £130 for 4 x 10ml bottles.

Chopard 'Rose Seljuke'



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      aw thank you babe! so glad you like the look of it! xxx