A Few Thoughts On The Coach Bowery Handbag

coach bowery handbag white with flowers

A Few Thoughts On The Coach Bowery Handbag

Hello Friends, I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while as I did a YT vid about this Coach bag forever ago (don’t watch, it’s horrid quality!) and despite how dreadful I am on camera, it got a lot of views and it’s clearly a bag people are interested in. So I thought it was high time I wrote a little more about this bag. To quote 2Unlimited, Ya’ll ready for this?

coach rex the dinosaur handbag white bowery handbag

Coach Bowery Handbag

I got this Coach Bowery Handbag last summer (2017) and whilst I’ve worn it a fair bit, it’s not been used excessively. However, I am a clumsy so-and-so, so the fact it looks this good after a year, is a true testament to Coach’s quality. They make super hardwearing handbags out of thick, robust leather which always seem to wear well. The structure is still good, the hardware hasn’t tarnished and despite the fact it’s white/off-white in colour, it’s not looking grubby and gross. I’ve been careful with it, of course, but I haven’t babied it and this thick pebble leather feels great, but also keeps stains, marks and scratches at bay.

coach white bowery handbag yellow flowers and chain feather rex the dinosaur

The Parker Handbag

Whilst the Coach Bowery Handbag was a 2017 style, this season Coach have released the Parker Handbag which is very similar in terms of it’s silhouette, but with added design tweaks. For instance, the Parker handbag doesn’t have the chain detailing at the front and the strap is a thicker chain hung from the top of the bag, rather than the sides. Also, the Parker handbags have more of a patchwork feel, with a mix of monogrammed coated canvas, suede, snakeskin and leathers, plus the turnlock clasps are generally flower shaped. Whilst the two bags have a lot of similarities, the Parker handbag is the update, it feels a little cooler, a little more luxe and generally a little more refined. As much as I love my Coach Bowery handbag, I have to admit, I love the Parker even more! You can read about the Parker Handbag in this post and hopefully you will see whilst it’s not the same bag, there are similarities. I’d be interested to find out which you prefer!

coach bowery handbag white studs crossbody handbag bag


So, the Coach Bowery Handbag doesn’t really exist anymore, so you have two options… searching high and low online for a store that has a tiny bit of stock left from last season. OR buying the Coach Parker which is a similar style. Personally, I would buy the Coach Parker handbag, as there are so many more options in terms of colour-ways and sizes, but if your heart is set on the Coach Bowery handbag, I would strongly suggest you look to pay sale price for this bag. With the sales around the corner, I think you might get lucky! The Parker handbag retails for anywhere between £295 and £495 and but you can buy my exact Parker bag here for £265 (plus you can get £15 off if you sign up to their mailing list!) otherwise there are oodles of beautiful Parker bags on the Coach website (I’ve linked a load of them below). Also, I think the Bowery handbag feels like a casual summer bag, where as the Parker has a tiny bit more structure and slightly darker / moodier colours, which means it could easily be crossed over into A/W.

coach bowery handbag white with studs and chains


I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I’m a HUGE fan of Coach, I think Stuart Vevers is an incredible Creative Director and he’s done amazing things for the brand. Since he came on board, the quality has gotten even better and the designs are way cooler. If I could, I would dress in head-to-toe Coach every day because their RTW line is amazing! I love the way they have managed to combine the pretty with the practical and everything has a bit of a vintage and rock ‘n’ roll twist. They’ve really nailed their signature look and I’m forever staggered by the quality of the pieces. Honestly, if you are looking for something special to wear or a beautiful handbag for under £1,000, I can’t recommend Coach enough. My favourite handbags by them are the Rogue and the Parker, but have a look for yourselves, there’s oodles of beautiful options and some of them are now ON SALE!!!

Go Shopping!


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