Can You Buy A Chanel Handbag Online + 20% Discount Code!

Can You Buy A Chanel Handbag Online

Can You Buy A Chanel Handbag Online?

Can you Buy a Chanel Handbag Online? Yes. Yes, you can. However, it’s not as simple as heading over to the Chanel website and placing your order, because the Chanel website is not shopable. You can view the seasonal collection online and most of the classics, you can even see prices (which you couldn’t a few years ago) but you can’t buy your Chanel on the Chanel website. So if you want to buy a Chanel handbag direct from Chanel you will have to go into one of their stores (personally, I like the Bond Street or Brompton Road stores in London) or head to one of their department store branches like Selfridges or Harrods. Oh and in case you were wondering, the Selfridges and Harrods websites don’t sell Chanel handbags either, they only have them in-store. As for Net-a-Porter, that’s also a no-go for Chanel handbags! Also, it might be worth reading this post on buying preloved Chanel handbags. Today we are going to chat about everything you need to know about buying authentic Chanel bags online, when, where, how and of course… HOW MUCH! Let’s chat!

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Where To Buy A Chanel Bag Online

OK, so before I get into where you CAN buy Chanel handbags online, I need to put something out there… avoid places like eBay, Gumtree, Etsy and AliExpress. Whilst I’m sure there will be some people selling genuine Chanel handbags on eBay, Gumtree or Etsy, it’s honestly not worth the risk. There are so many fakes out there, as well as ‘super fakes’ (which are incredibly convincing fakes which might even be made to look like vintage bags to throw you off the scent) and because the sale is person-to-person, there is no independent authenticator to manage the sale for you. Instead you would need to buy the bag on trust, pay for an authenticator to assess the bag and then if it’s not real, you would need to try and organise a refund which might be hard, especially through Gumtree. In short, don’t do it. It’s not worth it. The amount you would save, is not worth the amount you are risking. As for AliExpress, there is not even the slightest chance that this will be authentic Chanel. There’s a reason they are listed as ‘CC’ handbags on here and shot from the back with no visible branding. Fake. Fake. Fake. As is all the jewellery and whatever else you might find on there! If you DO want to have a look at any of these sites, I would recommend eBay out of all of them, but if you do use it, I would get in touch with a authenticator either before you bid or straight after, so it can be authenticated quickly in case you need to return the item. However, I can’t say this enough times, BE VERY CAREFUL!

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Chanel Bags At Specialist Auction

I’ve bought (and sold) Chanel pieces at auction, not eBay or any other online auction, but actual Specialist Auction, the kind where real expert valuers value, assess, authenticate and date each piece. Let’s take a minute to think about this, Chanel (and other) designer handbags, sold at auction, some newer styles, some older, some rarer, some classics… probably ALL at less than retail price and all 100% authentic. If that doesn’t convince a girl. I don’t know what does! I have always bought an sold through Chiswick Auctions, however, there is a Bonhams sale happening very soon which I am planning on bidding on some items at (online of course!). There are other specialist auctions in the UK who sell Chanel bags (and Hermes, Louis Vuitton et al) including Sotheby’s, Christie’s and Fellow’s. I’ll share more on these auctions soon – I promise!

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Chanel Bags At Vestiaire Collective

I used to be a little sceptical of Vestiaire Collective because I thought it was individuals selling to other individuals with no real way of knowing if the items were authentic or not. However, it’s a much different business model to the one I expected. Yes, it’s individuals selling to other individuals, but the items are shipped to VC, where they are assessed to check they match the description and condition stated in the sale and they are then authenticated by specialists at Vestiaire Collective. If there is any question over the authenticity the sale is cancelled. If the condition isn’t as good as what is stated in the sale, then both parties are notified and Vestiaire Collective will help come to a new agreed price.

Reasons To Buy Chanel Online

Personally, I have always found the sales assistants in the Chanel stores very helpful and kind, however, I am aware that a lot of people find it very intimidating shopping in luxury boutiques, especially when it comes to asking prices. Personally, I love being able to browse Chanel online as that way I can compare prices and designs without being watched or wonder if they are noticing me looking at the price tags and doing my sums! Also, if you don’t live near a big city, shopping online means that you never have to worry about spending £100+ on a train ticket only to find the bag you wanted is out of stock an you come home empty handed.

Finally, if you shop in Chanel at peak times, like on a saturday afternoon, it can take up to an hour to get served. There’s no waiting time online, PLUS pre-loved Chanel bags do tend to be much cheaper than store bought handbags AND if you shop at the right places, it’s always authentic too. Personally, I like to stick to the bigger and more well known retailers to buy my Chanel preloved, as I think if I ever come to resell the bag, I can give that extra layer of authenticity by sharing the Vestiaire Collective (as an example!) receipt, especially since they are known for only selling authentic designer goods. Ebay proof of purchase doesn’t have the same provenance!

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Another great source for vintage and preloved Chanel handbags is Farfetch, they have a stunning selection, so many lust-worth rare handbags in styles you’ve probably never seen before. Maybe because they are sourced from all over the world…however, there is one thing you should know about buying Chanel from Farfetch, you are essentially buying from a shop, so you unlike VC or buying at auction, you are buying from a store and paying retail prices, rather than person-to-person prices (which a little extra commission). That being said, they have some phenomenal pieces on there and if you are a collector or you fall in love with the super rare item… it’s worth it! These bags do hold their value, after all!

Chanel Online Retailers Who Sell AUTHENTIC Chanel

Tips for buying Chanel bags on ebay

  • Be very cautious
  • Do research on spotting fake Chanel bags
  • When you buy a Chanel bag on eBay, check the condition matches the photos / condition
  • Pay for authentication of the Chanel bag as soon as you buy the bag and if it’s not authentic, raise a dispute to return the bag – the seller will pay your shipping fees

What department stores sell Chanel bags?

Chanel have concessions or small boutiques within department stores, the department stores which have Chanel Boutiques include:

  • Selfridges
  • Harrods
  • Nordstrom
  • Brown Thomas
  • Neiman Marcus

Where To Buy Chanel Bags In The UK?

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How To Save Money On Chanel Bags Online!

…And there we have it, Yes you can Buy a Chanel Handbag Online and hopefully now you have an idea where you can do it! Also, this post contains affiliate links.

Go Shopping!


  1. June 18, 2018 / 7:34 am

    I need a Chanel in my life! It’s definitely the goal over the next few years to add one fo those to my growing bag collection. <3

    • fashionforlunch
      June 18, 2018 / 9:13 am

      oh you should! are you thinking brand new or preloved? xxx

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