Father’s Day Gift Guide

Roja 'Enigma' Fragrance

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Hello my friends! Can you believe we are mid-way through the year?! Scary right?! Anyway! I’m back again with my 2018 Father’s Day Gift Guide, because let’s be honest, it’s important to surprise our parents with gifts! If you are lucky enough to live near your parents, pop over with a gift for a cup of tea and a slice of cake and if you don’t live near your parents, make sure you pop something in the post a few days before so that it’s ready and waiting for him on Father’s day. Personally, I always ask my parents to intercept the gifts and hide them until the day! Ok… Let’s do this!

Barbour Bag

Barbour Bag

My boyfriend has one of these and so does my dad, and the consensus is in… Barbour bags are the BEST! They love the easy casual style, the waxed finish, the leather trim. My dad’s is about 10 years old and it’s still going strong, my boyfriends is a little newer and he loves it with all his heart. This one is from Mainline Menswear, which is a great online store for mens clothing and accessories. I’ve found my boyfriend some great items from there including pants, socks, Nudie jeans and of course, Barbour goodies!

Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Candle Collection

Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Candle Collection

I don’t know why, but a lot of people associate gifting candles with women, but I’m here to set the record straight. Men love candles too! It’s true! My dad loves candles, my boyfriend, my dad, my male friends (who admittedly are mostly gay), but seriously, men love candles. My advice is to keep the scents citrusy, oud-y or woody, much like their favourite fragrances and pick a candle from a brand where they would buy their colognes or grooming products. My dad likes light fragrances which are fresh and woodsy, so I have found this beautiful Acqua di Parma set of three candles from their Blu Mediterranean Collection. The glass jars are perfect for any office, bedside table of living space. Trust me, your dad will love them and your mum will be super pleased too!

Roja 'Enigma' Fragrance

Roja ‘Enigma’ Fragrance

If you are feeling a little spend-y this fathers day then I have the BEST fragrance for you! It has to be the stunning Roja Enigma, it’s filled with notes of Bergamot, Geranium, Neroli, Pepper, Ginger and Cardamom, on a rich, earth and opulent base of Patchouli, Vanilla, Tobacco and Cognac, enriched with Rose, Jasmine and Heliotrope.

elemis mens skincare

Elemis Luxury Travel Collection Set

For the dad who travels frequently, this Elemis Luxury Travel Collection Set is perfect! It includes everything he needs for weekends and weeks away, as well as a wash bag with plenty of extra space for the additional travel essentials. The bag has been designed especially by Lily & Lionel and the set contains shaving gel, cooling gel, face wash, body wash and face cream. All the essentials and all super hydrating and nourishing for those long travel days. I would also recommend the Elemis Aching Muscle Super Soak, which is ammmmazing for dads who run and need a little relief!

bulldog skincare

Bulldog Skincare

If you are on a bit of a budget this fathers day, then I can’t recommend Bulldog skincare enough. It’s all organic, natural, super effective and really, really affordable. Plus bonus points for their cool branding! This Beard Care Kit is perfect for any hipster dad who likes to keep his beard tip-top. Oh and the bite marks in the corner of this box? That’s where my puppy started to have a chew on it. I think he saw the bulldog and got excited!

annick goutal menswear fragrance

Goutal Bois D’Hadrien

One of my all time favourite fresh and breezy unisex fragrances has to be Goutal Bois D’hadrian. It’s filled with notes of lemon, cypress, cedar, pine, fir balsam, incense and musk and it’s an absolutely summer, joyful, citrusy, chic delight!

maine debenhams fathers day pyjamas

Debenhams Pyjamas

I don’t care what anyone says, pyjama’s are SUCH A GOOD GIFT! Literally, they work for everyone and anyone! Friends, mums, boyfriends, dads, yourself… like I said… EVERYONE! These little beauties are from Debenhams and they are super soft, affordable and timeless.   Who doesn’t need a new pair of pyjamas!

mens boden cashmere jumper

Boden Cashmere Jumper

Because you can’t go wrong with a Boden Cashmere Jumper! I got my dad one for Christmas a year ago and he still loves it and wears it ALL the time! Cashmere has a reputation for being super fragile and it can be, but somehow Boden have managed to make a super soft but fairly robust cashmere knit which makes it luxurious, warm and fairly hardwearing.

Lush Treats

Lush always have playful and fun treats which can be used by dads or shared with the whole family! Sharing is caring after all! This year Lush have a whole host of treats for dad, including a bottle shaped soap, a mod-inspired bubble bar (for the mod-fathers!), a ‘Superdad’ bath bomb and a moustache inspired soap. It’s a lot of fun, great value and fun for the whole family!

Czech & Speake 'Neroli' Aftershave

Czech & Speake ‘Neroli’ Aftershave

This is my boyfriends most recent grooming discover; Czech & Speake Neroli aftershave. He loves it! It smells of aromatic Neroli which has an air of luxury, traditional London barbers, sharp tailoring and loose leaf tea at Fortnums. It soothes and scents the skin, as well as helps to avoid shaving-induced blemishes with it’s mild antiseptic properties. It oozes old London luxury. PS. Also from Czech & Speake, there are some other amazing mens products like shower gel, candles, bath oil and soaps.

Gillette Razor

Gillette Razor

It’s an obvious kinda gift, but it’s affordable, useful and it’s very likely your dads current razor needs updating. I guess it’s one of those items which doesn’t get updates as often as it should and when you do, you wonder why you didn’t do it months before! I consulted my boyfriend for this one and he assures me, when it comes traditional razors, you can’t really beat Gillette! Sometimes it’s the traditional gifts which hit the mark!

braun trimmer 3 in 1

Braun 9-in-1 Trimmer

If you are feeling a bit spend-ier, then let me suggest this Braun 9-in-1 Trimmer. It has literally everything he needs for a wet and dry shave with oodles of options for shaping, stubble, beard-ness and all those things I don’t really know much about… but my boyfriend assures me it’s a GREAT set! Oh and there’s LOADS of attachments as well as a classic wet razor which isn’t photographed. Don’t be fooled by my simple photo, it’s an epic kit!

clean reserve perfume fragrance vetiver

Clean Reserve ‘Smoked Vetiver’

If your dad is a hipster dad, then Clean Reserve is the way to go. They have oodles of amazing fragrances, Citron Fig, Rain, Sueded Oud and so many more, but one of my personal favourites for the men (although it’s technically unisex) is Smoked Vetiver. It’s dry, woody, earthy, grassy and whilst it’s really clean, clear and simple, it also packs a fragrance punch. The dominant notes are vetiver, myrrh, and cedarwood. It’s really beautiful and it’s also a little unexpected and very cool.

bodens mens backpack

Boden Backpack

Here’s another great gift for the hipster dads out there… How good is this backpack from Boden? It’s perfect for every occasion; from work (at a media agency or tech start-up, obvs) to walks in the woods with his dog (a whippet or cockapoo probs) to shopping days (record stores and whole foods) and beyond. It’s beautifully made with solid brass hardwear and leather trim. Plus it’s only going to get better with age!

barbour tee shirt

Barbour Polo Shirt

Dad’s love a good polo shirt… am I right?! Whilst there’s oodles of cheap ones on the market, it’s Barbour who make the best polo shirts in town. They are great quality, the branding is subtle and they are well cut and comfortable. Perfect! I don’t know about your dad, buy mine would wear Barbour head-to-toe if he could! I got this one from House of Fraser who have oodles of amazing father’s day gifts. Well worth checking out!

 L'Occitane 'Aromatic L'Occitan' Collection

L’Occitane ‘Aromatic L’Occitan’ Collection

My dad is a HUGE fan of L’Occitane skincare. It’s been a staple of his Christmas stocking for as long as I can remember and he usually get a top up for his birthday, father’s day or any other occasion. His favourite scent is the Lavender, but he also adores the classic L’Occitan collection for it’s notes of lavender, rosemary and peppery woods. It’s masculine, elegant and beautiful. This set is worth £79 but it is priced at £59 for the set and it contains a fragrance, shower gel and deodorant. All the essentials and lots of luxury!

aromatherapy associates

Aromatherapy Associates Treats

Does your dad suffer with stress? Then why not treat him to some super-relaxing and slightly unexpected treats from Aromatherapy Associates! Whilst taking a long bath might not seem like a very ‘dad’ thing to do, everyone secretly loves a good bath and especially one filled with relaxing and uplifting essential oils of clary sage, frankincense and cardamom (Inner Strength scent). I can’t stress enough how beautiful Aromatherapy Associates products are, from their skincare to their candles, bath oils to shower gels. They are fabulous and prefect for any stressed dad, believe me, these will be his guilty pleasure! PS. The Deep Relax bath & Shower Oil is also amazing, as is the candle. Just so you know!

maine debenhams fathers day pyjamas

Eight & Bob Fragrance

Finally, when it comes to fragrance, Eight & Bob always dress to impress! This Eight & Bob fragrance was created for the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights organisation and inspired by the man himself. Top notes include Cardamom, Lemon and Pink Pepper, the heart is filled with Dried Wood, Labdanum and Violet Leaves, the base is a blend of Sandalwood and Vetiver. It’s a beautiful, timeless fragrance which is just as perfect for a woman as it is a man. Flawless!

Ta Da!!!!! Or should that be Ta Dad?! Either way, I hope you enjoyed my fathers day gift guide!



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