Coach X Selena Gomez ‘Grace’ Bag Review

coach x selena gomez grace handbag tote bag cream

Coach X Selena Gomez ‘Grace’ Bag Review

When it comes to celebrity brand deals, it’s been said that Selena Gomez is the girl that EVERY brand would love to sign. Why? Well, the reasons are kind of endless; she’s a megastar, she’s talented, beautiful, her career has longevity and there’s something else… she’s picky. You’ll never see Selena pimp out appetite-suppressant lollipops or weight-loss teas (or anything else that makes you roll your eyes and say, ‘huh?!’). Nor will she commit to one-time sponsored instagram posts she doesn’t really believe in. When Selena commits to a brand, it’s well known that she 100% believes in it and she’s ALL in for well-considered, long-term projects. Whilst I didn’t grow up listening to her music or watching her on TV, I love her style and I love her integrity, I think we could all be a little more Selena. In 2016 Selena Gomez signed an ambassadorship deal with Coach and since that time she has done oodles of amazing work with them, including collaborating with Stuart Vevers to create a special edition of the Grace bag together. Shall we deep dive into the Coach X Selena Gomez ‘Grace’ handbag?

coach x selena gomez grace handbag tote bag details


One of the things I like most about the Coach Grace Handbag is how darn practical it is. It has all these tiny details which make it so wearable, easy to navigate and functional, no matter how you like to wear your handbag. There’s so many clever nuances which make this bag really versatile and suitable for any occasion. One of my favourite details is the zip, which run along the top and it’s the length of the top structural bar. It can be completely unzipped (see this image for a top view of the bag) and folded down so it’s neatly tucked out of the way and you get the full width of the bag, like you would with a tote bag without a zip. Similarly, if you are a bit more security conscious and you want to keep the bag zipped up, the side trapeze sections are open but cleverly they are not big enough for a pick-pocketer to sneak their hands into. Also, the metal frame at the top of the bag not only keep the structure, but when you are holding the bag by the top handles, even if the bag is full unzipped, it will stay neatly closed. Oh and if you don’t like the trapeze sides, you can easily push them inside the bag for a completely different silhouette. (See here you can see the model is wearing it with the trapeze sides, but the product image has the trapeze sides tucked in)

coach x selena gomez grace handbag tote bag cream red

Selena Gomez X Coach Branding

I REALLY love the way the Selena x Coach Grace bag has been branded. Like most Coach bags it has the gold hardware on the top-middle-front of the bag, as well as the leather luggage tag that hangs off the strap. With the Selena Gomez X Coach Grace handbag, there is a second additional luggage tag which has Selena Gomez’s signature stamped, on it as well as a metal heart charm. All three of these tags are attached with a ball-and-chain style fastening, so you can keep them all on or remove them all.  If you are a huge Selena fan you might want to keep the second tag and heart charm on the bag, but if you like Selena but don’t necessarily want her name on your handbag, you can choose to remove the second tag and the heart charm. It’s a small detail, but it’s really thoughtful as even her hardcore fans might not want to keep her tag on the bag forever. Oh and one extra really cute detail, is on the base of the bag is has stamped in gold ‘Love yourself first’, which is apparently the same as a tattoo she has. Only you know it’s there, but it’s a really lovely secret detail! Obviously, with the non-Selena Gomez Grace bags, there is no print at the bottom of the bag and it only comes with one Coach luggage tag and no heart shaped tag or Selena Tag, but you guys knew that, right?

coach x selena gomez grace handbag tote bag shoulder strap

Hardware and Straps

I mentioned it above, but it’s the small details which really make this bag come to life. First of all, I LOVE the mix of gunmetal grey and gold hardware, it’s really cool and toughens up the bag. Secondly, I love the way the top handles are attached to the frame of the bag on a pivot, so they can fold down and neatly sit flush with the leather of the front and back of the bags. It means that when you carry the bag with the shoulder straps,it keeps the bag feeling streamline and keeps the top straps out of your way and flapping around in the air. Fun fact, but it’s a pet peeve of mine when a bag is marketed as a ‘multi way to wear’ style, but it’s actually really unpractical IRL. Also, it’s probably obvious but from the photos, but the long shoulder strap is adjustable in length and can also be unclipped and removed if you wish too. Personally, I wear mine hanging down as I think it keeps the bag nice and casual.

coach x selena gomez grace handbag tote bag fashion for lunch blog


Since Stuart Vevers has taken the helm at Coach, I have become a HUGE FAN! In a few short years they have created some iconic handbags, great RTW collections and generally upped the cool factor and quality. I think the Rogue is still my personal style of handbag from Coach, but the Grace is also a real winner, especially with the stud and stitching detail you can find on some of the editions. Needless to say, the quality of the Grace handbag is flawless, from the quality of the leather and lining, to the craftsmanship and the hardware and findings, it’s honestly faultless. To be honest, there’s a lot of brands selling half the quality for double the price of what Coach are doing. If you are tempted to treat yourself, do so with confidence. The Selena Gomez version is sold out in a LOT of places now, but you can find it in red here, and I’ve linked a lot of other Coach editions of the bag below, in case you want to treat yourself. Personally, I LOVE the pink ombre chevron stitching edition! #Swoon!

And there we have it, my Coach X Selena Gomez Grace Bag review, I hope you like it! Also, if you want to read any more Coach posts, this one on Are Coach Bags Worth The Money? Because it’s worth a read!

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