Hair: Confident With Colour & Why I LOVE Clairol Nice’n Easy Hair Dye! *AD*

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Confident With Colour & Why I LOVE Clairol Nice’n Easy Hair Dye!

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My Hair Story

When I was growing up, I hated my hair. It has a natural curl / wave to it which would turn into frizz when my mum made me brush my hair (which was every day). I longed for straight hair like my school friends, or at least non-frizzy hair and to make matters worse, when I got to about 15 it had turned from sunshine blonde to mousey brown. My parents always insisted it was pretty the colour it was and I was so lucky to have a natural curl, but to me it was frizzy and I hated the dirty looking mousey-brown it had become. As I got older I discovered not brushing my hair would ease the frizz, as would serums, mousses and conditioning hair treatments, but it wasn’t until I got to university and my friend dyed my hair for me that everything changed. We sat in the bathroom of my rented flat in Manchester and she painted on the hair dye onto my roots and hair. I was incredibly nervous but since she was always dying her own hair, she laughed it off and glibly splashed it around my hair until she was done and placed a plastic bag over my head and set her timer for 20 minutes. After I washed the dye out of my hair and I saw the bright blonde wet locks stuck to my face, I instantly thought ‘Oh lord, what have I done!?’ but once it was dry and my make up was on, I felt awesome! It really boosted my confidence, brightened my skin tone, lifted my mood and generally I felt a million times better about myself and I just felt ‘lifted’. When my roots grew out a little, I loved the contrast of the rock ‘n’ roll dark roots and the bleached blonde hair and a few weeks later when my roots got a little longer, I bought another box and started the whole process again. 15 years on, I’m still doing it! I did have a brief blip when I dyed my hair auburn hair, it wasn’t really for me. I’m a blonde at heart, except when I play around with pink and peach toners, because it’s really fun having pink hair, but I feel most ‘me’ when my hair is bright blonde!

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I’m A Blonde-In-A-Box Kinda Girl!

I’ve rarely get my hair dyed at a salon and the reasons are two fold; Firstly, I have bad memories of hair dressers trying to give me ‘honey’ and ‘caramel’ coloured highlights which were meant to look natural, but on me, felt very unnatural. Whilst it can look beautiful and beachy on other girls, I’m as pale as Casper the ghost and it’s pretty obvious this skin hasn’t been on a beach in Australia for the past 6 months and the sun has left me with beautiful sun-streaked hair. Secondly, the cost, as a student I hardly had the funds to be running to the hairdressers every six weeks for a £120 cut and dye job. Even when I was working, I still didn’t have the spare cash, nor the time, anyone working in fashion will know that it’s not an industry that pays well or gives you the ability to book many days holiday ! Besides, I’ve always loved a bit of an edgier more rock n roll look and Courtney Love and 90’s Gwen Stefani were clearly doing it themselves (probs on a tour bus!), so I would too!

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Tips & Tricks

When it comes to colouring your hair at home, I have a few simple tips and tricks for you. Firstly, you’re already saving yourself a pretty penny by not going to the salon, so don’t buy a basics or unbranded hair dye kit. Head to the premium brands like Clairol Nice’n Easy, which is my favourite. They are still super affordable, but for the extra £2 spent you will get a better colour, safer colourant and top-quality conditioner and just a generally superior experience and result. I have been using Nice’n Easy for years and I’ve always been happy with the results! My second rule of home hair dying is to buddy up! I find it impossible to do my own hair because once I get past the front section, I have no idea what’s going on back there! It doesn’t matter how many mirrors I try to use, I just don’t trust myself not to miss out a patch. So for the past 15 years I’ve been roping friends into helping me. Back in the old days, I used to buy my friends wine and make them dinner in return for them doing my roots and for the past 5 years, my boyfriend has been my colourist. Fun fact, my hairdressers have often asked why I go to two different salons for cut and colour because he does such a good job they can’t believe he does it at home! He very methodically sections off my hair, applying the colour and making sure to give me a perfectly even coverage. My advice is to find a friend who also needs their roots doing and make an evening of it. Or any friend who’s willing to help you out in exchange for wine, manicures, movies and take-out. It sounds like something out of a chick-flick, I know, but quite frankly, a girl needs her roots doing well, right?! Oh and one more thing, my boyfriend’s giant man hands are too big for the plastic lady-sized gloves provided in the box so he uses latex gloves instead. So if you are getting your boyfriend to do your roots, you might want to order some larger gloves from Amazon. Also, don’t forget to do a patch test 48 hours before you dye your hair, you can develop allergies and reactions to products at any time in your life, so it’s better to be safe and do a patch test!

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Why Nice ‘n’ Easy

I touched on it above, but when you are home-dying your hair, it’s important to buy the best quality dye on the market. Personally, I’ve been using Clairol Nice’n Easy for years and I’ve always had a great experience using it. Firstly, there’s loads of shades to choose from, 54 to be exact, I use shade 10 (formally 9.5) but I’ve gone up and down a shade depending on the time of year and my mood. But more importantly than colour choice, it’s gentler on hair than other brands, as Clariol have nearly 70 years experience of creating home hair dye, that’s 70 years of research, developments and advancements! Plus, they have just updated their formula to include their new patented EDDS technology which encapsulates copper and prevents it from reacting with water and other free radicals to keep the cuticle healthy and smooth, creating even better conditioning and colour results. This mean you have less protein damage at the surface of the hair which helps keep your hair in great condition and giving you a more even colour from root-to-tip and a longer lasting colour. I honestly believe that Nice’n Easy can give you the same results as a salon colourist and being a bit of a control freak, I also feel like I have more control over the colour too. Not only that, but over the years, Nice’n Easy have saved me weeks of my life (who’s got the time to spend 4 hours in a hairdressers every 6 weeks?!) and saved me thousands of pounds.  Can you tell I’m a fan?!

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‘Is that Balayage?!’ No. My root are just REALLY long! 

No really, that’s what people have been saying to me recently! To tell the truth, my roots were bad… and then they got worse… and then they got so out of control that people thought it must be a ‘look’ I was going for. Add in the few wire-like grey hairs and it was a big ol’ mess! It has been on my mind for weeks / months, that it was time for a refresh, but thanks to these newly discovered grey hairs, I wasn’t really sure how to treat them and the whole prospect seemed kind of daunting, so I left it and tried to ignore it until my friends at Clairol assured me that I could continue using Nice’n Easy as I have been since I was 19. The dye is specially formulated to cover 100% of my greys and I could resume my blonde-in-a-box routine. Phew!

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I know it sounds like a cliché, but damn, those cliché are spot on! I feel like a new woman! I can’t believe a few greys and a little laziness delayed me doing my roots for so long. I feel like I look tidier and more ‘groomed’ than before and my skin tone and eye colour look and feel brighter and healthier. There’s something about my natural hair colour which makes me feel like a unkempt teenager, where as bright blonde locks make me feel more alive and dynamic. My friends, if you are due a new hair colour or a root touch-up, I urge you to do it! I feel so darn good now and I’m kicking myself for putting it off so long! Oh and when you are done, go get a fringe trim, you’ll feel like a million dollars! Also if you have never tried doing your hair at home,  I highly recommend it, I’ve been using Clairol Nice’n Easy for years and even though I now have the time and means to go to salons to get my hair done professionally, I still prefer doing it on a lazy Sunday afternoon with my boyfriend whilst he listens to the F1 on the radio as he sections off my hair and methodically applies the dye.

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clariol nice n easy hair dye shade 9.5 10 home dye kit

This post has been sponsored by Clairol Nice’n Easy. As always, all opinions are my own.



  1. May 11, 2018 / 2:50 pm

    You look amazing Kirsty and I’d never have thought you were a Home dye type! Makes me want to try it

    • fashionforlunch
      May 11, 2018 / 7:44 pm

      Hi Sue! That’s so crazy! so all these years you have been thinking I’ve been spending HARD on my hair colour?! Hell no! I’m a thrifty miss! xxxxx

  2. May 11, 2018 / 3:09 pm

    You know, I’ve been wondering for ages about doing my hair at home because it costs a fortune getting highlights at the hairdressers. Your hair looks fabulous as do you! x

    • fashionforlunch
      May 11, 2018 / 7:43 pm

      Oh lucy, you are so so kind! thank you so much! And you should totally do it, I have been doing it for YEARS and only had a few salon colours ever, I’m just as happy either way and it fits into my life (and budget) better doing it at home! xxxx

    • fashionforlunch
      May 11, 2018 / 7:45 pm

      oh lucy! don’t be afraid! I’m a HUGE fan of home hair colouring! it works a treat, just get your hubby to help! xxxx

  3. May 12, 2018 / 11:38 am

    You look so lovely in these photos. I love having blonde hair too (my real hair is so dark now) as it really lifts my complexion / mood etc. I just wish I was brave enough to do it myself. I’d save a fortune! xx