Five Reasons Why You Should Buy The Chanel WOC!

chanel wallet on chanel handbag black caviar leather

Five Reasons Why You Should Buy The Chanel WOC!

My friends, I’m going to act as a real enabler with this post, and give you five great reasons why you should buy yourself the Chanel WOC handbag! No really, this bag is a real winner and I’m going to tell you why you should indulge in a Chanel WOC, otherwise know as the Chanel Wallet On Chain Handbag. Let’s GO!

chanel wallet on chanel handbag black caviar leather fashion for lunch blog a

Simple, Small & Effortless

The Chanel WOC (wallet on chain) handbag is such a chic little handbag. It’s effortlessly stylish, simple and chic. There’s a reason this handbag is such a fan favourite and holds the status of a Classic Chanel handbag, it’s perfect as an evening bag and just as great in the day time with a timeless button-down white shirt and jeans. Look on Pinterest, you’ll see oodles of super chic women rocking the wallet on chain handbag! There’s also WOC’s for every style; The edgier Boy-bag design, the seasonal ones in a multitude of colours and prints and there are seasonal fabrics which have a slightly beachier or sporty feel.

Retains It’s Value (+ Half The Price Of A Classic Flap Handbag!)

It’s true, everyone loves a Chanel WOC and it’s a classic Chanel handbag, so it retains it’s value very nicely if you do decide to resell it in the future. Oh and in terms of buying one of these little cuties, it’s almost half the price of a Chanel Classic flap handbag. Also, because the wallet is built into the bag, you can pretty much fit the same amount in the medium classic flap as you can the WOC. I know that sounds far-fetched, but seriously, there’s a lot more space in the WOC than you realise and a lot less space in the classic flap bag than it seems.

Three Ways To Wear

My next argument for this handbag is the three great ways to wear this bag. Firstly, you can wear is over your shoulder or as a cross body handbag. Secondly, you could tuck the chain into the centre of the bag and use it as a clutch or a wallet. Thirdly, you can loop the chain around the flap (so part of the chain sits flat to the top of the bag on the outside) to make the strap shorter and wear it as a short shoulder bag which sits at your waist. (Side note. I should have probably taken a photo to illustrate my point, but if it doesn’t make sense, holler!)

chanel wallet on chanel handbag black caviar leather fashion for lunch blog

Doubles As A Wallet

Since this handbag is literally a wallet-on-a-chain, you can actually use it as a wallet. It has all the card, coin and cash space you need and you can just slip the chain into the centre of the bag as use it as a wallet. It’s especially good if you are travelling as you could use it in the airport for your passport and travel documents, then once you are on holiday, it becomes a cute little evening handbag!

Surprisingly Spacious

Fair enough, this isn’t a magic handbag, but it is a lot more spacious than you might think! Just as the name suggests, it has wallet-features built into the bag, plenty of slots of cards, a zip section of coins and a place for notes, so when you are carrying this bag, you can leave your bulky wallet which is a real space saver. And not only that, it has side panels which expand a good 3-4 centimetres so it’s deeper than you might expect. In mine, I can fit my cards, notes and coins, along with an iPhone (larger size), lipstick, keys, in-ear headphones and a compact portable phone charger and mini-lead, it’s a squeeze, but it’s possible! It’s no Mary Poppins bag, but if fits more in than you might think. So, there we have it, the five reasons I think you should all buy yourself a Chanel WOC (well, if want one!) and I’ve linked a whole heap of pre-loved WOCS below.

Also, in case you are wondering, the Chanel wallet on chain you can see in the photos is mine, it’s from 2018 in the black caviar leather with gold hardwear. I chose the caviar leather as it’s really hardwearing and I picked the gold hardwear because I prefer the look of it. I paid around £1,800 for it at the Chanel Bond Street Store, London.

Go Shopping!

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