April Favourites

matalan cushion flamingo

April Favourites

Oh la la! The sun is shinning and that’s why I’m almost a week late publishing my April faves… sorry about that guys!! Fingers crossed this stunning weather continues, it’s so nice being able to wear a jacket and not having to rely on skin-crippling central heating!

angela flanders lawn perfume

Angela Flanders ‘Lawn’ Perfume

Remember that scene in Friends where they discuss their favourite things about summer? And the smell of freshly cut grass came up? Well, I have to agree, there’s nothing quite like it! Which is probably why I adore Angela Flanders Lawn so much with it’s chic fresh green notes mixed with black pepper, bergamot, patchouli, tuberose, lemon balm and jasmine. Stunning!

Emily Crisps

I do love a good snack and this month Emily Crisps have blown my mind with their new Sweet Potato Sticks. Lordy, these are so good and actually, not bad for you either! They are gluten free, vegan and one of your five-a-day. They taste like super luxe vege crisps without the oil content and I’m absolutely hooked on them! If you want to get some for yourself you can find them at Waitrose, Ocardo, Sainburys or Whole Foods. #ThankMeLater.


Ambra Active Leggings

OK… So I’m pretty sure *most* people love Ambra Active Wear for the gym, but I’m obsessed with it because they are so flippin’ comfortable and basically they make the perfect pair of leggings. Seriously! They are everything I’ve ever wanted from a pair of leggings AND MORE! They are super comfortable, super soft and they never do any of those annoying things like fall down or refuse to go over my ample-none-gym-going hips. Seriously, more comfortable than joggers, softer than fleece and perfect for days when I’m working from home, weeks walks and of course… going to the gym… if I ever renew my membership. Seriously! I LOVE these leggings!

my vq radio lulu guinness face mini retro podcast speaker


Recently I have been listening to a lot of audiobooks rather than podcasts, mainly because I’m running out of podcasts to listen to. My friend recently joked I have ‘completed podcasts’. It was funny because it is almost true! Alongside Audible I have also been listening to episodes of This American Life via the app. It’s pretty much the best £2.99 I have ever spent. It includes every single episode ever made and lots of recommendations and edits and great ways to search. Brilliant!

simply be magazine

Simply Be Magazine

Oh la la! I found myself in this month’s Simply Be Magazine! Can you believe it? There’s little ol’ me, just hanging out in the pages of their magazine! Eek!

black lace bra

Aubade Bra

Last month I was in a bit of a bra rut, everything felt too tight, too weird and I felt like I kept having to rearrange my boobs. Boobs are hard aren’t they?! Thankfully, I have this amazing new Aubade Bra which is a little pricier than I would usually go for, but DAMN! I think it might be the best bra I have ever had!!!! I LOVE it!! FYI, UKLingerie is an amazing source for underwear and activewear!

glmglow glitter mask

Glamglow Glitter

I’ve 100% jumped on the Glamglow Glitter mask bandwagon. I know that this is an expensive product and I know that there are great face masks out there for half the price, but quite frankly this one makes my skin and my heart happy so it’s worth the extra dollar! Normally when I apply a face mask and I’m leaving it to work it’s magic I avoid mirrors like the plague. However, with this one, all I wanna do is look at myself in the mirror when I’ve got it on. Who know, I feel like a flippin’ queen with a black glitter mask on! Bring. It. On!!!!

rodial make up

Rodial Make-up

There ain’t no contour like a Rodial contour! I’m forever obsessed with their beautiful gold and silvery toned highlighters and grey-based contour powders. They just know how to sculpt a good cheekbone, y’know?! BRB, I’m off for another cake, just because I CAN!

kate spade bumble bee watch

Kate Spade Watch

Bee-hold, the cutest watch you’ve ever seen!! It is, of course, by Kate Spade New York and I spotted it earlier this month at WatchShop.com. Everything in Kate Spade is super cute, but I honestly think this is one of the best things they have ever made! I absolutely love it!!! Seriously, could this watch bee any cuter? OK, I’ll stop now with the bee puns!

Bioderma SPF 50 Tinted Aquafluid

Bioderma SPF 50 Tinted Aquafluid

This heatwave really took me by surprise, I mean, just a few weeks ago it was flippin’ snowing!! SNOWING!!!! Then one day I found myself NOT wearing tights and instead epilating my legs ready to go bare-legged in a summer dress which I found at the back of my wardrobe. I suddenly realised I had no idea where my facial sunscreen was, however, I remembered just last week Bioderma had sent me their new SPF 50 Tinted Aquafluid so I gave it go. I was worried it might be too dark for my ghostly skin, but it was perfect. I was worried it might make me look too shiny, but it had a really nice matte finish. Over the past week, I’ve been wearing this as my regular foundation and I have to say, I’m loving it, even on cloudy days it’s what I’ve been wearing. I can’t recommend this enough for those of you who love medium coverage foundation with a high protection sunscreen. Well done Bioderma, well done!

boden pom pom tote bag

Pom Pom Bag

Summer is around the corner and I’m LOVING all the straw bags out there! Gimme all the pom poms and tassels, I want them all! I’ve seen some really cute round shapes, some great baskets… loads! But my current favourite is this pom pom and tassel bag from Boden. Me likey!

matalan cushion flamingo

Matalan Homewares

I’ve recently become a little bit addicted to Matalan homewares. I got this amazing flamingo cushion from there, loads of super-cute bedding, the perfect bread bin, a really fun door mat… seriously. If you haven’t been into Matalan recently, you need to! This adorable cushion is ALL the proof you need. Oh and this cushion is £10, amazing right?!

nice n easy before photos


This month I have barely watched any TV, but when I have watched TV, it’s been all Sex And The City re-runs. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because I’ve been in a TV drought or maybe it’s because it’s been forever since I watched the series, but either way… I’m loving it!

Pinterest Award

Yikes! This month I got a Pinterest award and I’m beyond excited about it! I came runner up in the 2018 Pinterest awards in the category of ‘Best DIY Idea’ for my pink door.  I went to the breakfast, I got an award and now it’s sat proudly on my shelves! A huge thank you to Pinterest, I’m beyond thrilled! FYI, here’s the pin!

Club 22 Candle

Finally, I have been loving this Club 22 candle, it’s just stunning! I have had a few Club 22 candles in the past, I love Rouge and currently loving Darling, which smells a little like JML’s Dark Amber & Ginger Lily.  It’s stunning and at £27, it’s a wonderful affordable luxury!

…And so there we have it… my April favourites! I hope you like them and let me know what you have been loving!