Coach ‘Grace’ Handbag Review!

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Coach ‘Grace’ Handbag Review

So many handbags claim to be multifunctional, but often it feels like they are a lot more versatile on paper than they are IRL. For instance, how often have you found a handbag is sold as ‘5-ways-to-wear’, but actually, only 2 of the ways to wear feel comfortable, practical or look good?! In my opinion, if it isn’t multifunction in the real world, it’s not multifunctional! And if it’s not multifunction, make functional but fabulous. Which got me thinking about the one handbag I have which truly feels incredibly versatile and each and every way it can be worn / styled ACTUALLY WORKS and LOOKS GOOD! I’m talking about the Coach Grace Handbag.

The Coach ‘Grace’ Handbag

A few years ago Stuart Vevers took over as the creative director at Coach and since he did, Coach became a really exciting brand. Their quality got better, their designs go 100 times cooler and everything just got better. They went from being a great American heritage brand to being a f***ing cool brand that you REALLY want to buy from. Personally, I’m obsessed with the Rogue handbag (I have three! oops!) and I also love the mini swagger bag (seriously, in all those rainbow colours, what’s not to love?!). But another bag I love by them is the Coach Grace handbag, and I don’t think people talk about it enough. So let me explain why I LOVE it so darn much!

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To Trapeze Or Not to Trapeze

Personally, I generally wear my Coach Grace Handbag in a Trapeze style, mainly because I love a classic tote shape and it looks a little more casual worn this way, which is more my style. However, if trapeze style bags aren’t your thing, you can pop the trapeze parts inside the bag and give it a little more of a formal, classic doctors bag style look. Oh and in case you were wondering, both ways to style this bag ‘work’.

Two Ways To Wear

As crazy as it sounds, one of my favourite things about the Coach Grace handbag is the handles. It’s such a simple design idea, but it’s so effective! The handles are attached with pivoting rivets to the frame of the bag so when you want to carry the bag using the shoulder strap, they neatly swing down and sit flush to the handbag. They don’t flop around or stick out at funny angles getting in the way. Instead they are neat, streamline and tucked away. It’s so simple, but it makes such a difference!

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Just a small detail, but something to consider, firstly, the shoulder strap can be used to carry your bag over your shoulder, or it can be hung down (how I’ve worn it) or you can take it off completely. It’s amazing how different the bag looks when the trapeze’s are out and the strap is hung down, compared to when the trapeze sides are tucked inside the bag and the shoulder strap is taken off. Also, the Coach luggage style strap can easily be removed (and replaced, it’s on a easily attachable/detachable ball and chain fastening). And if you are the kinda girl who likes to hang a big furry keyring off your bag, there’s the perfect little place to do so!


When it comes to price, the Coach Grace bag does vary, usually from around £300 to £600, depending on the leather finish, colour of leather, stud and detailing. But to be honest, even at £600, the Grace handbag is a GREAT price! You get a lot of bang for your buck and the quality is FLAWLESS! Also, can we talk about how beautiful the pink ombre leather chevron bag is below? I think it’s amazing!

coach grace handbag bag review cream


In terms of how to style the Coach Grace handbag, there are SO many options of when and where to wear it! It’s a nice generous tote size, which means it can fit plenty of shopping inside, as well as a small to medium size laptop, chargers, purses etc. So it’s great for everywhere from shopping to the office. It looks just as cute worn with the trapeze sides in over your arm, as it does worn with jeans and a blouse over your shoulder with the trapeze sides out. I’ve worn mine in the Winter with a smart coat, as well as in the Summer with a pretty vintage-style dress! Seriously, it’s SUCH a good handbag!

Where To Find It

OK, so this is the tough part, quite a few of the Coach Grace Bags seem to be sold out online, but there are still a few to be had. There’s this Coach X Selena Gomez Grace in red, which is STUNNING! Or there is this little beauty on the Coach website which I adore for it’s stud detailing and it’s fabulous in black. So there we have it, a few thoughts on the Coach Grace handbag and why it’s so darn practical and multifunctional! Ps. if you want to read about the Rogue handbag, which is another favourite of mine, check out this post.

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