Beauty: Glamglow X My Little Pony GlitterMasks

Glamglow X My Little Pony GlitterMasks pink glitter

Glamglow X My Little Pony GlitterMasks

Drumroll please!!!! The most hotly anticipated beauty release for weeks has arrived! I’m talking about the Glamglow x My Little Pony GlitterMasks! I’m pretty sure you have all seen these on Instagram already, or at least heard about them from a friend who’s seen them on Instagram, but they are finally here and they are flippin’ fabulous!

Sparkle Hard

Choose between Princess Luna Black, Pinkie Pie Pink and Twilight Sparkle Purple. Each one is glittered up to the max, all you have to do is choose your favourite pony, or favourite colour, black, pink or purple. No more will you need to avoid your reflection whilst your face mask works it’s magic, instead, these Glamglow X My Little Pony masks are gonna make you want to look in the mirror and blow kisses to kisses to your boyfriend. Hell, you might even want to take a selfie!

Glamglow X My Little Pony GlitterMasks pink glitter masksGlamglow X My Little Pony GlitterMasks pink glitter masks

So why Glitter?

Why the hell not, my friends! The glitter doesn’t contain any active ingredients to make the face masks any more effective, but it will make you feel pretty badass when you are wearing it. The glitter particles are suspended within the gel formula so it won’t scratch your skin or block your pores, or even leave a glitter residue. The glitter is all about adding an element of fun to your face mask and making you feel like a princess during that 20 minutes wait, rather than, well, a person wearing a face mask, which is normally not a good thing. Its generally a pretty scary look.

FYI’s About MLP’s

All three face masks are part of the GravityMask Range, which is famed for its miraculous firming, toning, lifting effect on skin. The masks apply with a rubbery paddle-type thing (it’s pink, obvs) and once it’s dried you just peel it off. Just so you know, the My Little Pony edition of GravityMask is the same price as the regular GravityMask.

Glamglow X My Little Pony GlitterMasks are out now and priced at £42 each.

Glamglow X My Little Pony GlitterMasks



    • fashionforlunch
      May 9, 2018 / 3:13 pm

      hey! it’s SO pretty isn’t it? such a fun collab! xxxxx