Airbnb Hosting: Stocking Up On The Basics (AKA Matalan Haul)

Airbnb Hosting: Stocking Up On The Basics (AKA Matalan Haul)

Two months ago we launched our very own Airbnb in the annex at the side of our house. Within days of listing the apartment it started to get a lot of interest and I honestly can’t believe how quickly it’s become successful, if I had known, I would have done it a year ago! Which is why I’m so keen to share my Airbnb journey with my readers as quite frankly, it’s really fun being an Airbnb host and if you are thinking about launching your own, I urge you to do it, today if not sooner! Every time we get a notification of a booking I do a little whoop whoop and I LOVE meeting our new guests, giving them recommendations and getting all their lovely feedback. I didn’t expect it to be so exciting! I also didn’t expect to need quite so much bedding, towels, mugs… and quite frankly… stuff!! With each guest comes a lot of laundry and to make life easier, I would suggest stocking up on the basics. Over the past few months I’ve discovered how amazing Matalan is, which is why I have teamed up with this to create an Airbnb X Matalan haul… Strap in, there’s some good stuff coming your way!

matalan cactus glasses

Cactus Glasses

OMG! I had to get these Cactus Glasses!! They are SO cool!!! We have put them in the cupboard along with a bottle opener so our guests can indulge in a wine or cocktail in the evening. Can you believe these were £5 each!?! I only got two, but I think I’m gonna order more, spares in case any break, plus I want some for our house. They are SO GOOD!!!!

Mattress Protectors

It’s essential to invest in some mattress protectors, not only do they soften the surface of the mattress, but they also protect your mattress from any spills, stains and what-nots. We have about 4 mattress protectors, all from Silent Night which you can get from Matalan, they are super comfortable to sleep on and allergy free. They cost around £12.99 each and they just keep your mattresses fresh and protected.

matalan bedlinen bedding

Pretty Bedlinen

Just like the towels, buy plenty of bedlinen! The rule of thumb is apparently three sets per room, but personally, I think more! You want to give yourself plenty of washing and ironing time between guests, otherwise it’s going to start interfering with your life. Buy your guests the prettiest sheet you can find and make sure they match the room decor, it’s all about the details! Oh and do yourself a favour and buy easy-care cotton, as this will cut your drying and ironing time down massively. Personally my favourite set is this floral number, but the ones in the image above are also dreamy and they can be found here.

matalan mugs

Mugs & Coasters

I know this sounds like a lot, but personally, I would recommend buying around ten matching mugs for your Airbnb. Hear me out! So, we usually leave four mugs in the Airbnb for our guests, however, it’s good to have two sets on rotation (one set in the apartment, one set in the dishwasher) plus an extra few mugs in case one gets smashed or chipped as there is nothing more annoying than having three matching mugs and one stray! We learnt that the hard way… twice! Oh and if you have any wood tables / bedside tables / sideboards around (like us!) leave coasters EVERYWHERE!! These Matalan mugs are particularly good as they have their own matching coasters and spoons… how convenient!


(Faux) Plants

Ya’ll know I love a good cacti, but I have a habit of killing them (no really!) and not only that, I wouldn’t want any of our guests to hurt themselves on them. Which is why I couldn’t resist a few faux cacti and plants around. They just add a lovely touch of greenery to the space and they look pretty cool in instagram shots too! Matalan have a great selection of Cacti-likes and faux-fluers.

matalan bath sheets towels


I honestly can’t stress this enough! Buy oodles of towels!!! Whilst some Airbnb hosts ask their guests to bring their own towels, I think it makes the experience so much nicer to find freshly laundered towels waiting for you on arrival. It also means that your guests don’t have to pack soggy towels into their suitcase when they are going home. I personally like white towels the best and I always add a little Vanish into the wash to keep them as white as possible! Matalan do amazing white Egyption Cotton Bath Sheets for £11.20, which is not only a great price, but I would say for the price, they are the best quality towels in town!



Alongside their fabulous faux-fleurs (seriously, just like ‘fetch’, I’m trying to make it happen!!), Matalan also have some amazing planters. I have this beautiful gold one and I also have a stunning green one. The planters add a little height into your displays and if you ever decide you are over planters, you can remove the base and just use them as decorative pots!

matalan green planter

More Planters…

Yep, here is it… the green dream!! I couldn’t decide which was my favourite of the two, so I picked them both. FYI, they look pretty amazing next to each other as they are slightly different heights (the green is marginally smaller).

Fitted Sheets & Pillow Cases

Forgive me for banging on about the bed linen, but seriously, YOU CANT HAVE ENOUGH!!! I’ve shopped around the supermarkets, ikea and all the usual affordable bedding haunts and I can honestly say, the quality and price of the Matalan sheets, pillow cases and bed-linens are amazing. You can’t fault it! These are items you are going to want to replace pretty often, so it’s great to be able to good quality pieces at super-affordable prices! The sheets can be found here for £9.60 for a double and two white pillow cases are just £4!

…And there we have it… a Matalan haul for your Airbnb apartment! Also, if you want my rather helpful Airbnb checklist, check this post, I think it’s a gooden! AND a massive *thank you* to Matalan for gifting me so many goodies!



  1. Erin
    April 9, 2018 / 6:15 pm

    I am so obsessed with matalans fake plants and planters at the moment, they are SO good. Really incredible! I love the look of your Air BnB, wish I could come stay!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    • fashionforlunch
      April 10, 2018 / 8:54 am

      Aw thank you so much Erin and I wish you could come stay too!!!!