Style: Neon Sunshine

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Neon Sunshine

My friends! Can you believe we are finally starting to see signs of sunnier weather? I mean, look at these images, there is actual beams of sunlight in them! Real sun, not photoshopped light-leaks (not that I even know how to do that!) it’s sun! The real deal! It’s so exciting! Although give me a week of real sun and I’ll be moaning about how hot I am! *monkey emoji*

chanel black jumbo handbag caviar leather

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 I LOVE this dress, I feel so darn good when I wear it! The shape of it is perfect, the tie belt nips in my waist and the soft cotton is so comfortable to wear! It looks cute with a chunky cardigan or can be worn with a trench coat for a slightly smarter look. Also, is it just me, or does it remind anyone else a teeny-weeny bit of the ‘Summer Bay’ school uniform in 90’s Home & Away?! Just me?! OK! Forget I said anything! Anyway, I flippin’ love this dress! I also love my new hot pink cardigan from ASOS, because a girl can never have too many chunky cardigans!

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Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap Handbag

All photos by Samantha Taylor. If you need a Margate based photographer, she’s ya girl!

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chanel black caviar leather jumbo handbag curve blogger uk

navabi blue checked dress curve blogger