Shopping: Buying Designer Goods at Chiswick Auctions (Chanel, Hermes, LV & MORE!) *AD*


Buying Designer Goods At Chiswick Auction

Damn! I love buying designer goods, they don’t call me ‘labels for lunch’ for nothin’!  However, a recent stroll down Bond Street made me realise there’s so much I want, and not quite enough budget to stretch. Also, some of the items I REALLY want, aren’t even available to me right now (I’m looking at you Hermes, it doesn’t seem to matter how much I buy from you, you won’t sell me a ‘Kelly’!), as for the other items I want, some of these are Classic styles and it makes more sense to get a pre-loved classic black Chanel for £1,500-£2,000 than paying £3,500 for the exact same style in-store. However, buying on the pre-loved market can be tricky. Unless you really know what you are doing, you could be caught out and find yourself over-paying for a very convincing fake. I ALWAYS advise people to avoid eBay, I’ve heard troublesome things about some other online stores and I’m always staggered that the vintage designer goodies in Liberty are basically the same price as the modern equivalents in the store. Fair enough the older styles are rarer and I love that, but if I’m buying pre-loved, I don’t want to pay store prices. With all this in mind, today I’m going to share some information about Chiswick Auctions Designer Handbags & Fashion sale, who are hosting a sale soon!

The Advantages Of Buying Pre-loved Designer Goods

I’m probably going to repeat a lot of what I said above here, but bare with me! Firstly, items on the pre-loved market tend to be below retail prices, and when you are buying a £4,000 handbag, it’s nice to save some cash, often around 50%. Scratch that, even when you are buying a £600 handbag, it’s nice to save a few hundred pounds. Also, these items are rare, they might be styles which have been discontinued (like the Chanel GST I will forever regret not buying!) or a seasonal item which you didn’t buy and wish you had. Also, the condition of pre-loved items really varies, if you want something which is literally shop-new perfect unused condition, that’s possible. There’s a whole heap of women who buy items and never use them, only to sell them on a few years later. Similarly if you have young children and you want a beautiful handbag which you don’t have to be totally precious over, you might find it’s reassuring to have a slightly worn handbag which takes the pressure off you keeping it pristine and allows you to use it and love it, without constantly worrying about the wear and tear. Finally, if you are wanting to buy something like a Hermes Kelly or Birkin, good for you. However, Hermes have extremely limited stock of these styles and it’s very rare (never) that you will walk in and see one on a shelf to buy. It just doesn’t happen. Instead, you have to become a customer, build a rapport with a sales assistant until one comes in store and you can finally ‘allowed’ to buy one. It’s a long old process, and buying a pre-loved Kelly or Birkin could save you a lot of time and a lot of money. #JustSaying.

Chiswick Auctions

On the 14th March, Chiswick Auctions are hosting a VERY exciting sale, it’s a specialist ‘Designer Handbags & Fashion’ and there are some AMAZING items up for sale! I know a lot of you won’t have bought at auction before, so the process can feel a little intimidating, but I really want to break it down for you and share how you can get involved, because these sales don’t come up often and when they do, you have to GO FOR IT!

What You Need To Know About Buying At Auction


So firstly, let’s chat about Authenticity. This IS SO IMPORTANT and you never want to be caught out here. There are so many fakes and super-fakes on the market (super fakes are the items which are SO good, that it takes a real specialist to know, they may even appear to be vintage handbags to throw you off the scent) that you have to be really careful. This is the reason I suggest NEVER buying on eBay or anywhere that doesn’t authenticate the items for you. When you buy at Chiswick Auctions EVERY SINGLE ITEM has been authenticated by experts so you can buy with 100% confidence.


If you have ever watched daytime TV, I’m sure you will know that auctions have guide prices for items. You will find these prices in the catalogue. Of course, the items could sell for less, or more, but the auctioneers guide prices are usually really reliable and they give you the chance to do some research online, so you know how much you are willing to pay for each item compared to similar pieces you might find on pre-loved websites online or the brands current collection.


If you have ever bought designer vintage, you will know each item is given a condition rating. The ratings are from A+ to D and you can find the ratings in the catalogue. If you need a reminder of what these ratings mean, here you go:

A+    As new, in unused condition.
A       No apparent signs of wear.
B       Some signs of gentle use or wear.
C       Some damage.
D      Poor condition, may need restoration.


Whilst the catalogue is filled with close up, well-shot images of each piece, you are also welcome to go and visit the collection at the auction house. You can see everything at Chiswick Auctions (1 Colville Road, London W3 8BL) from Saturday 10th March, right up until the day of the sale 14th March 1pm. Weekend hours are 11-5pm and on the weekday hours 10-6pm.


Ways To Bid

There are four ways to bid, let’s do this!!

-Bid in person in the saleroom on the day. The bidding starts at 1pm 14th March 2018 and they expect to get through around 100 lots per hour. For instance, if you are wanting to bid on item number 301, this lot will be around 4pm

-Bid online in real-time at the Saleroom or Invaluable.

-Arrange a live telephone bid by calling 020 8992 4442 at least 24 hours in advance of the sale. A member of the team will then call during the auction and you can bid in real-time with them over the phone.

-Leave an Absentee Bid for the auctioneer to purchase on their behalf within an agreed maximum price. Please include a link to the buying page rather than a link to the online form as people need to register with us first before they can place an absentee bid online so this could cause some logistical issues! Find out more on the Buying Page.


When you are buying at auction, there is something to remember, auction fees! When you are buying, make sure you are aware that you will need to pay an extra 25% Buyer’s Premium on the hammer price, plus VAT. Just something to remember, also if you are bidding online, the cost could be marginally higher, so I would always recommend going in person to bid, or making that telephone call, again, the number is 020 8992 4442.

Lots To Look out For

I’ve picked out some of my favourite items from the sale, and inserted the images around this post, so if you have been scrolling and you have seen something you love, here are the details, along with the condition grade and estimated prices. However, as amazing as these items are, I can’t recommend enough going to look at the auction website to see the whole collection as there is so many brands and items of clothes, shoes, jewellery and handbag to choose from. Seriously, it’s a TREASURE TROVE!

Lot 76: Prada Red and Blue Bicolour Saffiano Lux Double Tote, c. 2017, bright red Saffiano leather with blue accents on the handles and lined with blue leather, gold tone hardware, 34cm wide, 26cm high Shoulder strap, luggage tag, authenticity card, dust bag Condition Grade A+. Estimate: £600-£800

Lot 114: Gucci Dionysus Tropical Print Top Handle Satchel, c. 2017, black leather with green tropical print design, silver tone hardware, 35cm wide, 25cm high Shoulder strap, tags, dust bag Condition Grade A+. Estimate: £1,000-£1,500

Lot 119: Chanel Black Caviar Kelly Jumbo Tote, c. 2003-04, quilted Caviar leather with gold tone hardware and lambskin lining, 30cm wide, 23cm high Authenticity card and presentation box Condition Grade A. Estimate: £800-£1,200

Lot 138: Chanel Medium Pink Tweed Classic 2.55 Flap Handbag, c. 2005-06, pink quilted tweed with pale pink lambskin lining and trim, silver tone hardware, 26cm wide, 15cm high Authenticity card and dust bag Condition Grade B-. Estimate: £800-£1,200

Lot 146: Chanel Black Maxi Jumbo Flap Bag, c. 1991-94, black quilted lambskin with gold tone hardware, 34cm wide, 24cm high Authenticity card and dust bag Condition Grade A-. Estimate: £2,000-£3,000

Lot 393: Chanel Pink Tweed Boater, c. 2012, with grosgrain trim, size M Box Condition Grade A. Estimate: £100-£150

Lot 398: Hermes Gold Barenia Kelly 32 Sellier, c. 2007, palladium plated hardware and white stitching, 32cm wide, 23cm high Shoulder strap, padlock, keys, cloche, dust bag, rain jacket and box Condition Grade A. Estimate: £4,000-£6,000

Lot 405: Hermes Black Ardennes Birkin 35, c. 2000, gold tone hardware, 35cm wide, 25cm high Padlock, keys, cloche, rain jacket, dust bag and box Condition Grade B+. Estimate: £4,000-£6,000

Lot 425: Goyard Large Steamer Trunk, c. 1900, brown canvas with wooden stretchers, leather trim and brass fittings, Goyard painted to front, lift out tray, 92cm x  51cm x 46cm Condition Grade B. Estimate: £2,500-£3,500

This post has been sponsored by Chiswick Auctions. As always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. March 9, 2018 / 5:06 pm

    Ohhhhh this is so good to know about for when I’m shopping for unique and personal birthday gifts. Thanks for the tip! Happy Friday!

    – Will

    • fashionforlunch
      March 9, 2018 / 10:04 pm

      I’m so glad it was helpful! Thank you for stopping by xxx

  2. Erin
    March 10, 2018 / 10:35 am

    You are making me wheep looking at all these beautiful bags! I would LOVE a chanel, but I would need to sell a body part to fund it at the moment so maybe not! Pre-Loved is definitely the way to go though! 🙂

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    • fashionforlunch
      March 12, 2018 / 10:32 am

      Hey Erin, Pre-loved is totally the way to go! you should call up, put in some bids and see if you get lucky!!! xxxxx