Perfume: Spring Time Fragrances To Fall In Love With!

 Viktor & Rolf 'Flowerbomb Nectar' perfume fragrance review

Spring Time Fragrances To Fall In Love With!

Oh la la! I’m starting to think about Spring time fragrances which is making me feel very happy… I’m so ready for this cold spell to be over and spring to be on it’s way. It’s been cold for far too long and I love a bright, fresh fruity floral to wave in the warmer weather! Come join me as I explore the latest fragrance releases for Spring 2018!

DKNY 'Flower Pop Violet Pop' perfume perfume

DKNY ‘Flower Pop Violet Pop’

Every Spring DKNY release limited edition apples, this season sees their Flower pop collection. I’ve try them all, but I think DKNY Flower Pop Violet Pop has to be my favourite! It contains notes of Violet Leaf, Apple and Orange Flowers, it’s really pretty and I love the green notes, the classic apple and violet… Not enough perfumes include violet!

Jimmy Choo 'Blossom' perfume fragrance review 2018Jimmy Choo 'Blossom' perfume fragrance review 2018

Jimmy Choo ‘Blossom’

Here’s one for the party girls out there! Those who like their fragrances bright like city lights, bubbly like champagne and as flirty as, I dunno, Jessica Rabbit?! Either way, Jimmy Choo Blossom is filled with red berries, citrus cocktails, rose, sweetpea, musk and sandalwood. A little too young and sexy for me, but there’s a million young, hot teens and twenty-somethings who are gonna LOVE it!


Michael Kors ‘Exotic Blossom’

If you like your fruity florals a little more on the fruity side, then you need to try Michael Kors Exotic Blossom. It opens with notes of Mango, Tangerine, Guava with peony, peach and guava at the heart and a base of Musk, Vanilla and Wood. Super fruity and summery, y’all gonna love it!


Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy Twinkle’

Oh la la! Fans of Marc Jacobs Daisy rejoice, there’s a new limited edition fragrance in town! It’s called Twinkle and it features notes of berries, violet and wood. It’s possibly my favourite ever edition of Daisy because I’m a sucker for the sweet, floral, slightly nostalgic scent of violet. PS. Is violet finally a fragrance trend?! I predicted this a year or so ago… I can’t believe I’m right!

Tory Burch 'Bel Azur' perfume fragrance review.

Tory Burch ‘Bel Azur’

If your thing is bright, breezy and aquatic fragrances, then you NEED to check out the new Tory Burch Bel Azur fragrance! It’s just stunning! Imagine crisp florals and sea breezes mixed with refreshing bergamot, neroli, peony, vetiver and cedarwood. It’s one of those super fresh I-just-got-out-the-shower fragrances; citrusy, clean, fresh, natural and has a slight unisex feel to it…. in a good way! One of my personal faves of the edit!

Issey Miyake 'L'eau D'issey Pure Nectar' perfume review

Issey Miyake ‘L’eau D’issey Pure Nectar’

It’s been years since Issey Miyake first captured the imagination of the world with L’eau D’issey, it’s still a beautiful fragrance but I always love it when they release new additions of the classic to give it a new twist. It gives me that ‘The same, but different feeling’, y’know, like maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks…. not that it’s an old dog, of course! Anyway! Issey Miyake Pure Nectar is filled with all the glorious cherry blossom and soft fruits, as well as notes of honey pear, sweet rose and sandalwood. So pretty and so good for  Spring!

Salvatore Ferragamo 'Amo'

Salvatore Ferragamo ‘Amo’

It’s not even hit the stores yet, but I couldn’t resist giving this new Salvatore Ferragamo Amo perfume a mention! It’s filled with notes of bitter citrus notes, blackcurrants, herbaceous mate and rosemary, jasmine, rhubarb, amber, sandalwood and vanilla. It’s free spirited, youthful and oh-so-delicious! It is on the sweeter side of things and possibly too sweet for my personal taste, but I adore the dark fruity blackcurrant (which is really dominant), tart rhubarb and rich creamy vanilla notes. But it’s no wonder it’s called ‘Amo’ as it’s going to be LOVED by a lot of young women this Spring / Summer… Just you wait!

Diptyque 'Eau Rose' Hair Mist

Diptyque ‘Eau Rose’ Hair Mist

A little known fact about fragrance is that it lingers longer in your hair and your clothes than it does on your skin. If you have a big day ahead of you, spritz a little into your hair, or alternatively use a hair mist like Diptyque’s new Eau Rose Hair Mist. It contains camellia oil which protects and nourishes your hair, far better than the alcohol in regular perfume which could cause long-term damage. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to keep their hair smelling fabulous between washes, or if you have super sensitive skin and fragrance can be an irritant or if you are a perfume addict like me and you like the scent of rose whenever the wind blows. Eau Rose  contains notes of heady, soft red roses and a hint of citrus to keep the fragrance bright and breezy. It’s a real favourite of mine!

 Viktor & Rolf 'Flowerbomb Nectar' perfume fragrance review

Viktor & Rolf ‘Flowerbomb Nectar’

Ah! The latest addition to the Viktor & Rolf fragrance family! It’s currently exclusive to Debenhams and it’s really rather wonderful! Viktor & Rolf ‘Flowerbomb Nectar’ is filled with notes of bergamot, blackcurrant syrup, jasmin, orange flower, tonka bean and vanilla. I would describe is as the floral freshness of Flowerbomb, with a touch of sweetness which reminds me of Bon Bon. If Flowerbomb and Bon Bon were islands, Flowerbomb Nectar would be a painted pink bridge between the two, filled with old fashioned carts selling flowers, cakes and fruits. The weather would be perfectly sunny, of course!

Carolina Herrera 'Good Girl'

Carolina Herrera ‘Good Girl’

Finally, this amazing shoe-shaped fragrance from Carolina Herrera ‘Good Girl’, is more of an evening perfume, but I couldn’t resist popping it in, as it’s just fabulous! Whilst the rest of the fragrances are more spring-y and joy-y (are they even words!?) Good Girl is far more of an evening fragrance, but it’s got a freshness and a life to it which still feels much more ‘Spring’ than ‘Autumn’. Filled with notes of Tuberose, roasted tonka bean, Jasmine, Cocoa and almond. It’s

Ta Da! And there we have it, lots of lovely bright, fresh and fruity-floral Spring time fragrances to fall in love with! Enjoy!



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