The Winter Podcast Edit

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The Winter Podcast Edit

I have done a LOT of podcast edits in my time, but I like to think I’m ahead of the listening curb and my edits are pretty darn awesome, so I keep updating them with new and exciting audio finds… Welcome to the latest edition of the podcast edit! Also, just going to mention at this point, the speaker you can see in all this pictured was gifted to me by Skullcandy and The Board Basement and it hooks up to my iPhone (and laptop) via bluetooth so I can play podcasts / music / films / Youtube vids on my phone with so much more depth, clarity, volume and everything else that makes audio awesome! If you don’t already have a portable speaker, I highly recommend treating yourself, because these bad-boys are life changing, I use mine every single day without fail!

Dirty John

OK! let’s kick off with an awesome new podcast which I absolutely adore! Fans of Serial and S-Town will adore this one as it is perfectly narrated, well written, well researched and generally just a really interesting and well told (RL) story. Dirty John is essentially a con-man and this is the tale of how he conned a glamorous woman into marrying him and so much more. The narrative is interwoven with the families dark history as well as his own. I can’t recommend it enough!


RuPaul: Where’s The Tee?

I love me a bit of gay culture and RuPaul: Where’s The Tea? Is a lot of fun! Each week RuPaul and Michelle Visage have a chat with a celebrity all about life, well-being, career, pop culture and so much more. They never feature drab people either, Lady Gaga, Kelly Osbourne, Rose McGowan, Amber-Rose and Adam Lambert have all been guests. I loved the Amber-Rose episode as she spoke all about her amazing ‘slut walk’ and what it stands for and Adam Lambert was hilarious and oh-so-interesting!

Song Exploder

I’m fascinated by the song writing process and it’s not something that you normally get to hear about. Which is why Song Exploder is a hidden gem of the podcast world. Each episode brings you a new artist talking about the inspirations and processes behind a single song they have written. The musicians share their thoughts behind the lyrics, key riffs, the recording process and so much more. I’ve often listened to music and thought ‘how, just how do you get there’ and this podcast really helps to share those intimate moments behind the song. Great podcast!

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This American Life

I only discovered the other day that This American Life is actually over 20 years old. This fact blew my mind, but it also helps to explain why so many amazingly talented people work at This American Life and how they come up with endless amounts of incredible content. I’ve never heard an episode I didn’t like and if you aren’t already convinced to hit the subscribe button, then just remember that Serial was created by This American Life, as was S-Town. FYI, if you haven’t already listened to these two, then seriously, are we even friends?!


Bite size chunks of all things crime related. From conspiracy theories, to historical crimes, an interview with a crime author critic and sooooo much more. Perfect for those with a short commute, or those who like their podcasts in shorter lengths (typical episodes about 15-30 minutes long, compared to a lot of podcasts which are more like an hour long. Another thing I love about Criminal is that most true crime podcasts are about murders, serial killers and cold cases, but Criminal investigates many aspects of the criminal world which is really interesting. I have literally listened to every single episode!

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First Day Back

Shout out to Talonted Lex for recommending this to me! First Day Back literally explores the idea of getting back to reality after something huge has happened. Series 2 looks at a woman who accidentally killed her husband when drunk, goes to prison and then starts to live her ‘normal’ life again, post-prison and without the love of her life. Really interesting, I must listen to other series, as so far I have just done series 2 which Lex told me to start with!

Mystery Show

I know I have recommended this one before, but if you haven’t let listened to Mystery Show. You really need to! It’s made by Starlee Kine who I am obsessed with. Everything she writes is beautiful, funny, sweet, everything! I’ve listened to her The Moth performance, she worked on S-Town and she’s brilliant on Twitter. Listen to Mystery Show now, there’s only 6 episodes, but each and every one of them is perfection.

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Reply All

Again, I’ve recommended this one before, but it’s always brilliant. Reply All is a ‘Podcast about the internet’. It’s basically a real mix, delving into subcultures, human stories, weird things as well as seemingly unsolvable tech (but interesting) tech stories. Everyone I have recommended it to has loved it, but I feel like it’s SO hard to describe why it’s so good!


I’ve always been a rock girl, so hiphop has always passed me by and never really been ‘my thing’. I mean, let’s be honest, if I bust out some breakdancing moves and did a impromptu rap, I don’t think anyone would ever stop laughing. However, I adore a good music documentary and Mogul is a brilliant audio journey through the hiphop world, following the journey of one of their biggest moguls at such an exciting time for the genre. It’s the story of Chris Lighty who was a huge music manager and committed suicide. It tells the story of his childhood in The Bronx, discovering hiphop as a teenager, becoming part of the culture when he came of age, the incredible business deals he made and managing the biggest artists. It also interweaves the history of hiphop beautifully and I swear, you don’t have to know anything about hiphop to love it!

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Made Online

Made Online is brought to you by my good friend Hayley of London Beauty Queen. In each episode she interviews a guest who’s career or big break has been made online. It’s inspirational and interesting, filled with titbits which every brand, influencer and businesswoman can learn from and be inspired by. Favourite episodes of mine include Grace Victory and Lauren from Girl Stole London. Both very different interviews, but both such incredible women with such powerful messages.

Big Mouth

I’m so happy to be able to share this new podcast, it’s called Big Mouth and it’s by my friend Simon and his friend Gurd. When he told me he was launching a podcast I asked him what it was about, and he said ‘it’s just really gay!’. Expect hilarious chat from your two new podcast BFF’s, discussing all things celebrity, food, fashion, beauty and well, fabulous. It’s a lot of fun!

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You Must Remember This

If you love the starlets of Hollywood’s golden era, Marilyn, Jane, Marlene, Katherine, Jean, Audrey, Bette, Joan et al. Then I can’t recommend You Must Remember This enough. It’s wonderfully narrated, expertly researched, funny, interesting and totally addictive. It goes really in-depth into these amazing womens lives and careers and the podcast is split into series, I personally loved the Dead Blondes series, as well as Charles Mason’s Hollywood Series. SO GOOD!

The Moth

Shout out to my friend Amanda from The Women’s Room for recommending this one to me! The Moth features stories, each one told on stage, without any scripts or notes, each one from the heart of the storyteller. Each one is a true story and they tend to be funny, weird, amazing, heartwarming and always, worth a listen.

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Saints Of Somewhere

I haven’t listened to every episode of Saints Of Somewhere, but the ones I have listened to I have loved. So far, my favourite has to be the interview with Zachary Drucker, who is a trans artist, activist and producer. In it, she talks about her amazing work with her husband and production company and her life in New York surrounded by so many incredible gay and trans legends. If you love documentaries like Paris is Burning and that whole amazing era in New York, then you will love this interview.

 Happy listening everyone! And make sure you comment / tweet / email me / DM me any podcast recommendations you have for me! I love all your suggestions!

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  1. Megan McCoig
    November 1, 2017 / 10:26 am

    Wow what a great lineup of podcasts. I definitely need to get listening to some of these. I need to start listening to Made Online for sure! Xx

  2. Erin
    November 1, 2017 / 9:55 pm

    HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT RUPAUL. omg I am now subbed, and I have SO much to catch up on, so excited!! 😀

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  3. November 3, 2017 / 12:12 pm

    There is a of choice! I need to get into pod casts – heard good things about them!

  4. November 3, 2017 / 10:19 pm

    Criminal is one of my favourites and today I started listening to a podcast about Ted Bundy which was quite chilling x

  5. November 4, 2017 / 10:21 am

    I enjoyed Dirty John, I just finished that! Need more podcasts to listen to as seem to have finished all of mine! Thanks for the recs x

  6. Lauren | Beauty Division Blog
    November 6, 2017 / 6:50 pm

    I don’t listen to podcasts, I’m just useless being partially deaf, i would literally need to have subtitles haha x

  7. November 7, 2017 / 4:07 pm

    I need to make time for podcasts, as of right now I just can’t get into them!