Olivia Burton Watch Review

Olivia Burton Watch Review

Olivia Burton Watch Review

It’s not every day you get to see golden hour and even rarer that you happen to be taking outfit photos during it. Today was one of those lucky days, the sky was clear and the sun shone warm gold over everything, it was kind of magical! I probably should have been wearing a white etherial dress with lace bell sleeves to really capture the spirit, but me being me, I wore a black dress and pink fur coat instead. Let’s pretend I’m keeping it real or something. Anyway! Today I want to do an Olivia Burton Watch Review

Pros & cons

Pros: high quality, beautiful designs, beautifully package, jewellery can be stacked, great gifts

Cons: fashion items so not suitable to be slept and swam in like other watches

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Where I Got My Olivia Burton Watch

Ohhh this is a tricky one! If I remember rightly, I got it at the opening of the Olivia Burton Covent Garden store. Speaking of which, if you have not been to this store, you need to! It’s SO pretty and it’s filled with the most beautiful watches, elegant jewellery and the ladies who work in the store are absolutely lovely!!!! You will adore it!!! I was lucky enough to go to the store opening party and it was truly magical, all my favourite people were there, the sun was shining and it was truly a magical evening with lots of delicious food and people! Oh and if I remember rightly, we had golden hour that day too!

Why I LOVE Olivia Burton

Olivia Burton started as a watch brand who later on ventured into the world of pretty and delicate, whimsical and vintage themed jewellery. It’s such a pretty brand!! I first fell in love with their designs because I loved it was so pretty, with lots of pink, rose gold and warm tones. It was all so pretty and feminine. I also loved the fact that their watches felt like a cross between jewellery and a time piece, I wore them as much for the way they looked with my outfit, as I did for telling the time. Finally, their prices were super fair. Where most watch brands were so expensive you could only ever buy one, Olivia Burton priced their watches more like jewellery and you could save up to buy one pretty fast. After all, why should a watch cost four figures?!

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Is Olivia Burton a good brand?

Yes, Olivia Burton is a lovely brand for indie girls and vintage fashion lovers. If you love great quality but also really cute items, then Olivia Burton is fabulous!!! Their products wear well, always get compliments and look lovely as both a watch and jewellery. It’s a really special brand. If you are the kind of girl who loves Joanie Clothing and Cambridge Satchel Company, then I think you will love Olivia Burton.

Is Olivia Burton a brand?

Yes, Olivia Burton is a brand name created by two friends, it is not a real woman or person. Jemma and Lesa are best friends and former fashion buyers, they created the brand as it was the watches and jewellery they wanted to create and wear and they knew what customers wanted too.

Is Olivia Burton waterproof?

Yes, you can wear your Oliver Burton Watches in the bath, shower, rain or swimming pool. It is safe to wear in waters up to around 10metres deep.

Where can I change the band on my Olivia Burton watch?

You can change the band or strap on your Olivia Burton watch, just contact the brand and they will sort it for you!

Are Olivia Burton watches durable?

Yes, in my opinion Olivia Burton watches are really durable and last a really long time. The watch straps can be changed and I’ve never had an issue with the glass breaking, the mechanisms breaking or the gold wearing off. I am always impressed with Olivia Burton quality, especially for the price!

How To Style Olivia Burton Watches

The great thing about these watches is that they tell the time, but they are also beautiful! So you can wear them as jewellery or as a practical item. You can fancy up your school or work uniform for with them, give them as gifts to your bridesmaids or simply wear them with a pretty dress and use as a time piece. Personally, I wear mine as jewellery, in the winter with a cute fur coat, and in the summer with a cute vintage dress. Either way, it always looks super cute and it makes me feel happy when I see it!

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Best Olivia Burton Collections

  • Rainbow
  • Constallation
  • Bees
  • Cats
  • Flowers

Where to Buy Olivia Burton Watches

Are Olivia Burton Watches worth the money?

Yes, Olivia Burton watches are worth the money. Their watches are so pretty and make great gifts, plus if you ever get bored of a watch, you can change the strap to refresh the style or you can sell the watch on for near retail price. Also, ASOS currently have some dreamy Olivia Burton watches on sale.

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Do Olivia Burton have sales?

Yes, Olivia Burton have sales, right now they have up to 50% off many styles and there are lots of beautiful designs to be found! Also, there are loads of great Olivia Burton watches on sale at ASOS right now!

Is Olivia Burton jewelry good quality?

Yes, Olivia Burton jewellery is great quality. I have a few pieces and they still look great, wear really well and are still in style. Their designs are timeless and whimsical, and I have never had an issue with tarnishing or the gold rubbing off. I have however had similar priced ‘fashion’ watches which have had issues, like the glass breaking and tarnishing, but never with Olivia Burton.

Go Shopping!!

All Photos taken by Samantha Taylor. Thank you for reading my Olivia Burton Watch Review. This watch was gifted to me many years ago and I still love it which is why I wrote this review about it. This post contains affiliate links.

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