The Hygge Gift Guide 

the hygge gift guide

The Hygge Gift Guide

‘Hygge’, the buzz word of the moment, and one that none of us quite know how to pronounce. It basically means ‘Cosy’ and whilst I also have no idea how my vaguely Northern accent can get my tongue around this word, I am on board with any trend which includes staying home and being, warm, comfortable and quite frankly, lazy. Here is the Hygge Gift Guide…. sit back, relax and don’t move unless it’s to get another cup of tea or another blanket.


Boden Blanket

Speaking of blankets, hygge is a great excuse to buy blankets, the softer and cosier the better. I have a nice big stack of blankets (most of which are in storage) but my favourite of which is this beautiful off-white checked blanket by Boden. It’s super soft, cosy and luxe. The ultimate hygge gift!

boden Cashmere-Scarf.

Cashmere Scarf

So you want to be hygge at home, but you have to leave the house to run some errands. Bundle up in a cashmere scarf which will keep you warm and happy all day long. Cashmere is forever my favourite yarn because it’s so warm and soft, nothing comes close to the luxury of cashmere! The scarf by Boden is beautifully soft cashmere and the checked design is gorgeous too!


Surge Lutens Baptême du Feu Perfume

Speaking of venturing out, always remember to spritz a little perfume on your scarf, so when you are cold and miserable at the bus stop / train station, you can pull the scarf up around your neck and breathe in the scent. This Surge Lutens Baptême du Feu perfume is elegant, yet cosy with it’s notes of gingerbread, tangerine, osmanthus and wood accords. Just beautiful!


Hot Water Bottle

Radiators are nice and all, but a log fire or a hot water bottle is so much cosier. It might not seem like the most obvious hygge gift, but believe me, it will bring you (or the receiver) so much joy! I found this beautiful hot water bottle at Boden, I love the chunky knit cover in shades of red and pink. Hygge, yet still super pretty! Oh and if you love the design, there is also a jumper to match.


Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil

Being Hygge is all about being relaxed, so get in the mood with a long, hot bath using this Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil. This is one of my favourite products to relax, believe me, once you use this, you won’t want to do anything productive, you will just want to sit, read and be oh-so-relaxed and cosy!


Teapigs Tea

Every cosy day has to include lashings of herbal teas and for me, Teapig’s is always the best! I’m a big fan of their Peppermint and camomile verities, my boyfriend loves the every day brew and the green tea. Whatever your or your buddies favourite is, go for Teapigs, it’s worth the extra pennies and they are perfect for brewing in a teapot!


Teaseme Tea Cup

You have the tea, but you want a beautiful tea cup to go with it. Well fear not, I have the perfect option! This Teaseme cup and saucer is made of fine bone china and if you turn the cup upside down you might notice it’s shaped like a nipple! A little naughty, but tastefully so!


Tom’s Slippers

Wood floorboards are beautiful, but on a winter’s day they can feel a little cold and hard. A lot of slippers look cute, but they don’t feel quite as cosy as you crave. I have tried and tested a lot of slippers lately but I think these Tom’s Slippers are my favourite. They come in both mens and women’s sizes and they are so padded that they keep your feet warm and give you a spring in your step. Oh and because they are Tom’s, for every pair sold, Tom’s will give a pair of shoes to a child in need.


Jo Loves Christmas Trees Candle

There’s nothing quite like the cosy scent of pine, which is why this Jo Loves Christmas Trees Candle is perfect for any Hygge-r. It contains notes of fresh pine, combined  with relaxing and aromatic lavender, incense and amber. It’s really rather wonderful and if it doesn’t fill your soul with christmas cosiness, nothing will!


Liquid Yoga Space Spray

So you have the blanket, book and cosy slippers, but you just can’t calm down and stop your mind from racing. You could do a little yoga, or you could spritz a little Liquid Yoga Space Spray to calm your senses ready for an afternoon of hygge. It is packed full of essential oils like lemon, lavender, chamomile, lavandin and mandarin, to help refresh, rebalance and relax you, in a jiffy!

boden pyjamas

Cosy Pyjamas

Finally, every cosy day needs super cosy pyjamas, so find the softest, cutest ones you can and wrap them up! These ones are by Boden and they are perfect, they have beautiful read trim, pockets and a bauble print. So comfortable, it’s possible your friend may cancel their NYE plans to stay home and wear these instead!

So, there we have it, a super cosy gift guide for those who like to cuddle up and be happy in the winter… or if you are a millennial;The Hygge Gift Guide!




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