Perfume: Annick Goutal ‘Les Absolus Rose Oud’

Annick Goutal Les Absolus Rose Oud perfume review

Annick Goutal Les Absolus Rose Oud

Annick Goutal Les Absolus is a collection of luxury fragrances, each one inspired by a single raw material. The fragrances are themed around Oud, Rose, Vanilla and Amber, and contain supporting notes which help to emphasis the natural beauty of the raw ingredients.


Top Notes: Coriander, Cardamom

Heart Notes: Turkish Rose

Base Notes: Oud, Agarwood, Incense

Perfumers: Camille Goutal and Isabelle Doyen

Annick Goutal Les Absolus Rose Oud perfume review

In Review…

First of all, I should warn you all that I am obsessed with the whole of the Annick Goutal Les Absolus collection. Last year, I went to the launch event and I instantly fell head over heels for both  Vanille Charnelle and Ambre Sauvage. When I heard the name of the latest fragrance, Rose Oud, I knew I had to try it. Rose and Oud, how could I resist?!

Where do I start with Annick Goutal Les Absolus Rose Oud? First thing I noticed was the intensity of the ingredients, every single drop is so pure and perfect, every facet of the perfume screams quality and luxury. The fragrance opens with a heavy hit of spice, Cardamom and Coriander and although it’s not mentioned, I’m sure the fragrance also contains Saffron. The heart of the fragrance is rich, textured Turkish Rose absolute. At the base of the fragrance, you will find Oud, Agarwood, Incense. The oud is rich, dark and smoky, it has a sharp edge to it. Blended with the woods and incense it reminds me of dark bars and worn leather couches, I might be imagining it, but I swear there is a hint of whisky in this fragrance too. What can I say, I’m sure Annick Goutal Les Absolus Rose Oud isn’t for everyone, but I am absolutely smitten with it. It’s wonderfully, intense, dark, leathery and velvety, it makes me think of an opulent evening in a candlelit bar in a corner of London. I will be treasuring every single drop of this perfume and if you love classic fragrances like Sisley, Guerlain and Chanel, you will love this one just as much as I do!

Annick Goutal Les Absolus Rose Oud is available from Harrods and it is priced at £166 for a 75ml bottle.

Annick Goutal Les Absolus Rose Oud


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