Perfume: AERIN ‘Tangier Vanille’ 


AERIN Tangier Vanille

Tangier Vanille opens a secret door that leads you into the mystery and splendor of Morocco, from the palaces and gardens to the legendary bazaars. The heart of Madagascar Vanilla glides through top notes of crisp sun-drenched Italian Bergamot and the richness of Bulgarian Rose. Velvety Amber adds a sensual golden glow while smooth Sandalwood and feather-soft Musk wrap the fragrance in a final veil of mystery.


Top Notes: Madagascar Vanilla, Bergamot,

Heart Notes: Bulgarian Rose, Amber

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Musk.

Perfumer: Aerin Lauder

In Review…

Ah! I love AERIN Fragrances so much! Whenever I am at the airport, one of my first stops is always the AERIN counter, they are a brand I adore and I just don’t own enough of them! My latest AERIN obsession comes in the form of Tangier Vanille; an oriental gourmand.

A few years ago, I headed off to Marrakesh for a few days of souk shopping and relaxation in a riad. As soon as we landed, I smelt ‘Morocco’. As we travelled through the Medina to our riad, I could smell the spices from the market, the heat on the ground, the plants, flowers and fruits, everything was hot, dry and amplified. It’s something you read about, but it wasn’t until I experienced it, that I truly understood it. This fragrance is inspired by Tangier, a major port city of Morocco, famed for it’s Sultanate Palace and it’s trade routes. Imagine the heat of the sun, beating down on the fine silks and fabrics, along with the spices and flowers, all infused with a little mystery and splendour, that’s what Tangier Vanille smells like.  Tangier Vanille opens with a a heavy hit of warm, addictive vanilla, with a contrasting note of bergamot which is smoky and citrus. The heart of the fragrance is filled with heady, velvety Bulgarian Rose and warm, sweet resins which make up amber (I think I can detect benzoin, my personal favourite of all the resins). The base is warm and sensual with sandalwood and musk.

The fragrance shelves are filled with sickly sweet perfumes, but AERIN Tangier Vanille falls into the category of ‘luxury gourmand’. It is sweet with a difference, the vanilla is rich and exotic; almost earthy. The rose is heady and glorious, whilst the amber is warm and addictive. The smoky, citrus bergamot takes the edge of the sweetness with it’s freshness and zest, it reminds me of a sea breeze wafting over the rich ingredients, like a refreshing cup of tea paired with a rich treats during high tea. If you love the finer things in life with a sweet, playful twist, then AERIN Tangier Vanille is for you! It’s a sweet slice of exotic travels and I’m absolutely addicted to it!

AERIN Tangier Vanille is available from Estee Lauder and it is priced at £92 for a 50ml bottle and £125 for a 100ml bottle.