Great Gifts For a Hip Dad


Great Gifts For a Hip Dad

If your dad is pretty cool, it can be tough choosing a gift which says ‘dad’ but also doesn’t say ‘boring’. I pulled together some great gifts for a hip dad, hopefully it will help ease your shopping dilemmas, just a little!

Penhaligon's Lothair Cologne

Penhaligon’s Lothair Cologne

Inspired by the British penchant for gin and tea, Penhaligon’s Lothair Cologne is a fine fragrance containing notes of juniper berry, grapefruit, fig, lavender and geranium. You can read more about the fragrance here, but rest assured, it’s a wonderful fresh and smoky fragrance. It’s part of the Trade Routes collection, so it’s got a slightly nostalgic, well-travelled and fantasy feel to it. I’m describing it really badly, but it’s really good!


Clean Reserve Sueded Oud Fragrance

If your dad likes something a little softer and more minimalist, then Clean Reserve are a great modern perfumery who create the most beautiful fragrances which a clean, translucent feel. Clean Reserve Sueded Oud is a fresh and creamy approach to a traditional oud fragrance, it contains notes of temple oud, jasmine & bushman candle.


Molton Brown Iconic Washes Set

My boyfriend is a huge, huge fan of Molton Brown and whenever I give him a box set like this for his birthday / Christmas, he likes to put the three in the shower at the same time and each day he chooses his fragrance. I think it makes him feel like he’s in a hotel! This box is perfect for men as it’s filled with woody, leathery and smoky scents which are not only masculine, but will blend in nicely with him cologne. This Molton Brown Iconic Washes Set is a real winner of a mens gift box!

Boden Cashmere Jumper

Boden Cashmere Jumper

If your dad has a dog and spends a lot of time outdoors, then a Boden Cashmere Jumper is a great gift. Cashmere is a lightweight wool which is soft, cosy and insanely warm. Perfect for winter walks and casual days at the office. The jumper comes in 4/5 colours and the fit is classic and slightly slim fit for a contemporary feel.

Foreo Issa Toothbrush

Foreo Issa Toothbrush

If you want to get your dad something a little more practical, then this Foreo Issa Electric Toothbrush is really cool as it’s made of brightly coloured silicone. It looks like a toothbrush from the future and any dad who loves design and function will go nuts for it!


Colourful Socks

Another classic ‘dad’ gift with great twist!  I found these great Boden Socks with stripes and colours, but perfect for a dad who likes a flash a colour between his chinos and Church’s. Tip: make sure you avoid any pair of jazzy socks with a super pale pastels or white as the look goes horribly wrong if the flash of colour is white, as it will just look like he’s wearing a suit / chinos with white socks!


L’occitane Lavender Gift Set

There’s a lot of great men’s gift sets on the market but my dad’s favourite has to be the classic L’occitane Lavender Gift Set. He is guaranteed to get one every single year from at least one member of my family. Whilst lavender might not seem like an obvious choice for a men’s gift set, lavender is a common accord in men’s colognes and it’s also very relaxing which is perfect for a stressed dad. Trust me on this one, your dad will love it!


Montblanc Pen

My boyfriend has three Montblanc Pens and he rarely writes with anything else. They are the perfect pen to whip out in the middle of a meeting or for use in a home office. To a woman, it’s just a pen, but to a man, it’s the equivalent of a Chanel purse. A Montblanc pen is a very, very special gift!


Penhaligon’s Sartorial Beard Oil

Whilst a beard may give off a carefree intellectual vibe, they are actually a fair bit of work to maintain! Beards need to be trimmed, combed, washed and conditioned. This Penhaligon’s Sartorial Beard Oil is the ultimate luxury for any bearded man, it smells softly of the fragrance and it conditions the beard perfectly. For those who don’t know Sartorial, it is my boyfriends favourite Penhaligon’s fragrance and it smells of wood, leather, spices, it was inspired by Saville Row tailors.


Beard Brush

Speaking of beards, did you know bearded men need to brush their beards with a beard brush?! My boyfriend has about 4 of these Beard Brushes, he has one in his travel suitcase, car, bedside table and another just for spare. Realistically he only needs one, but he likes to have spare. If your hipster dad has a beard, then buy him a beard brush, or a spare!

Jovey Bell-jar Candle

Jovoy Bell Jar Candle

If your dad has a snug or a home office, then why not treat him to a scented candle to warm up the winter evenings. Whilst my mum loves fresh, uplifting floral candles, my dad loves something a little calmer, with rich woody and leathery notes. When it comes to buying candles for men, the trick is to go for a brand which has more masculine branding and choose a darker, richer scent. There are a lot of beautiful and masculine candles on the market, but I love this Jovoy Candle as it’s a stunning sweet and spicy scent with vanilla and chestnut, and it comes with a bell jar to sit on top of it. Once the candle has burnt, you can reuse the bell jar to store all your candles.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

I could put a pair of Ray-ban’s in every single gift guide I do, as everyone loves and suits them! They are practical (oh hi, holidays and driving!) and they are stylish. Everyone should own at least one pair and even if your dad does already have a pair, then buy him a second in a different style to keep in his car for when he’s driving. Fact: Ray-Ban Sunglasses cannot be beaten!


Nobel Isle Whisky & Water Body Care

Dads love a little whisky, but if you don’t want to encourage a drinking habit, then why not go for a whisky inspired collection of body care products. This Nobel Isle Whisky & Water Body Care Collection contains notes of amber, jasmine, orange blossom, rose and tonka bean, buy mostly, it smells like a perfect single malt!


Cashmere Scarf

To keep your dad cosy when he’s walking the dog or heading into town for an early meeting, this Boden Cashmere Scarf is ideal. It’s got a smart, casual classic check and it’s super soft to touch. It’s made of 100% cashmere and high quality cashmere at that. I’m always really picky on where I by cashmere it’s from as not all cashmere is great quality, but Boden have the same quality cashmere as some of the best Scottish knitwear brands, but with a more contemporary design.


Braun Multi-groomer

Finally, a very practical gift he can use every day! This Braun Multi-groomer can be used wet or dry to shave, style and trim beards. It’s perfect for a dad who travels a lot as the battery life is amazing and it’s compact, and my boyfriend tells me it’s really easy and fast to use. In fact, it takes him longer to tidy up after using it than it does to use, which is still faster than going to the groomers / barbers.

…And there we have it, Great Gifts For a Hip Dad!