Gifts: 10 Stocking Fillers For £10 (and under!)


10 Stocking Fillers For £10 (and under!)

Holy smokes! Christmas is right around the corner and it’s time to think about those last minute gifts and super cute stocking fillers. Over the past few weeks, I have been working really hard to create some really cool gift guides, but now it’s time to focus on the bits and bobs you need to bring a little cheer and joy to friends, family, colleagues, cousins and well, everyone you need to buy a sweet treat for. I scoured the isles of Superdrug and found 10 Stocking Fillers For £10 (and under!).. enjoy!


Sweet & Cheap

There’s too many items to list, but just to point out the Leafy & Lovely Hand Cream is just £1, as for the Fruity Orange & Satsuma Body Scrub & Body Butter Duo, that’s just £2. And my personal favourite, the joyous Mermaid Wash Bag, that’s £7.99, you can give it to your friend empty, or you can fill it with stocking fillers and candy… whatever you prefer! Finally, I also really adore the Make-up Revolution Palette, which is jammed packed with nude to smoky shades and I can’t believe it costs less than £10. Anyway, have a scroll through the pictures and head to your local Supredrug to see all these and more, or go to the Superdrug website and have a rummage around!

…And there we have it, 10 Stocking Fillers For £10 (and under!) … Enjoy!







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