Five Great Fragrance Gift Sets


Five Great Fragrance Gift Sets

Christmas isn’t Christmas without finding at least one fragrance gift set in your stocking! So no matter if you are buying for your mum, dad, boyfriend, BFF, aunt, sister or brother, there is always a great fragrance gift set to be had! I picked out five great fragrance gift sets, I think there is something for everyone in this bundle!


Clinique The Happy Couple Gift Set

For years I wore Clinique Happy, I loved it’s fresh, joyful scent with it’s bright citrus and pretty florals, I always found it so uplifting and well, Happy! I haven’t worn it for a long while, as I always think of it as a youthful fragrance, but it’s still a wonderful perfume and fantastic for your (under 30 yrs old) BFF or sister this christmas! This Clinique The Happy Couple Gift Set contains a 30ml bottle of Happy as well as a 75ml tube of Happy Body Cream. All for just £25…. Amazing!


Carven L’absolu Gift Set

Here’s a fragrance I adore, Carven L’absolu. It’s a little more intense than SJP and Clinique, making it suitable for someone a little older. It’s filled with notes of mandarin, ylang ylang, jasmine, vanilla, tuberose and iris. It’s got a real modern-classic feel to it and this luxe gift set contains not just the EDP, but also the shower gel and body lotion. I’m putting Carven L’absolu Gift Set on my own personal wish list, it’s great for a mum or a 30+ BFF!


Zadig & Voltaire This Is Him! Gift Set

One of my favourite fragrance launches of 2016 has been the Zadig & Voltaire fragrance duo, This Is Him!  and This Is Her!  Both are stunning, the ladies version (in the white bottle) contains notes of pink peppercorn, benzoin and chestnut cream. Whilst the mens fragrance contains notes of grapefruit, black pepper, incense and oud. Personally, I adore the mens fragrance, which is why I couldn’t resist recommending it for all the men out there! The Zadig & Voltaire This Is Him! Gift Set is a real winner for any brother, dad, gay BFF or boyfriend. 

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Gift Set

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Gift Set

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Gift Set is one of those worldwide best selling fragrances, teenagers and younger ladies love it, it’s pretty, feminine and elegant. It’s inspired by SJP’s love of layering fragrance and the ability to find loveliness in every day life, filled with notes of bergamot, apple martini, lavender, patchouli, amber and musk. Quite simply, Lovely!


Miller Harris Hope & Joy Candle Gift Set

This Miller Harris Hope & Joy Candle Gift Set is wonderful for someone who you know has very particular taste when it comes to fragrance, so choosing a perfume set might not be the easiest. Instead, opt for a home fragrance gift set, this one by Miller Harris contains a box of long matches, a wick trimmer and the Hope & Joy Candle. The candle is wonderfully comforting, filled with green notes of fig and pine. A personal favourite of mine and a truly elegant gift set.

…And there we have it, five fragrance gift sets, hopefully there is something for everyone in this collection!


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