Fashion: The Party Shoe Edit

kurt geiger carvella party shoes silver crystal heels

The Party Shoe Edit

I wish I could tell you I am busy primping myself for a night out on the town, but actually, I’m wearing a Onepiece, watching The Big Bang Theory and contemplating walking to Morrisson’s to buy stir-fry mix for dinner. Truth: 99% of the time, I am a basic bitch. In fact, the episode of The Big Bang Theory I’m watching, is one I have seen before, I should probably find something new on Netflix to watch, but it’s easier to click ‘Resume’ than commit to a new series.

kurt geiger carvella party shoes silver crystal heels


However, *sparkly* times are coming, they are calling Christmas and New Year! I have made plans with my friends and family and I am so excited to wear a vintage lace dress, plenty of glitter and the highest, glitziest shoes I can find!!! I truly believe new shoes are good for the soul, which is why I decided I needed these…. I don’t usually wear heels this high, but luckily for me, these beauties have a huge platform and a chunky heels, so they are surprisingly comfortable! And please can we chat about the beautiful velvet uppers and the insanely embellished heels. They are literally covered in glitter and crystals, in fact, even the soles are covered in glitter, giving them a super luxe finish!

kurt geiger carvella party shoes silver crystal heels

The Edit

My shoes are from Kurt Geiger, I absolutely love them, but if these aren’t your style, there are plenty more to choose from. Everything from strappy shoes, glitzy boots, stilettos, glitter covered and bow embellished… it’s a online treat for the eyes! I picked out some of my favourites and popped them in a reel below, so scroll through and click the images to go to the website to buy! Enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed my party shoe edit! Happy shopping!!

kurt geiger carvella party shoes silver crystal heels