Chanel Gold or Silver hardware?


Chanel Gold or Silver hardware?

Hello friends! Today I want to chat about Chanel Gold or Silver hardware. When it comes to shopping for Chanel, there are a few major decisions to make; Firstly, you need to consider which style of bag you want to buy. Do you love the Girl bag, Boy bag, Classic Flap, Reissue, WOC, Clutch, GST… there are so many options to choose from and let’s be honest, they are all pretty special! Next, you need to consider which leather (or fabric) suits your style and lifestyle the best, you might want to check out this post for more information. Finally, which colour hardware do you prefer? Most of the classic styles of bags give you the option of gold or silver, but my friends, please do not take this decision lightly. The decision of choosing between gold and silver hardwear, is a big one and it’s often a much bigger decision than it seems in store. Just like you would try a variety of styles, colours and sizes, it’s also important to try out both colours of hardwear too.

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Suit The Bag

Let’s take the Boy Bag as an example here, personally I have this bag in black leather with antique silver hardwear. Personally, I think the Boy Bag is a really cool, easy style of handbag and I like the slightly more rock ‘n’ roll finish to it with the aged silver hardwear. However, on the flip side, I have the Classic Flap bag with shiny gold hardwear, I think it has a real classic look to it in gold and looks and feels super luxe in this finish. Personally, I like to look for the hardwear which I personally think suits the bag the most. Sometimes this might be gold, other times it’s silver, each individual bag has a personality and the hardwear reflects it. Try and decide which colour of hardwear you think suits the bag best, there is no right or wrong answer, it’s just your personal taste.



Suit Your Style

Personally, I think it’s nice to match the colour of your hardwear throughout your outfit. For instance, if you always wear a gold necklace and rings, and your boots or belt also has gold hardwear, then you might want to consider choosing a Chanel with gold hardwear to match. Similarly, if you always wear silver, then you might find a Chanel with silver hardwear suits your style and wardrobe better. If like me, you are the kind of girl who buys both gold and silver items, then this is less of a consideration, but do try to think about if there is one of the two which you tend to sway more towards. Right now, it feels like the most popular style of Chanel bag is the Classic Flap with gold hardwear and if that’s the one you love and dream of, buy it! However, if you always wear silver jewellery and choose silver hardwear for your belt and boots, then don’t dismiss the silver bag as you just might find it’s the best choice for you!

How To Clean Chanel Hardware?

To clean your Chanel Hardware, just give it a polish with a soft jewellery cloth. You shouldn’t need to use any chemicals on it, just a dry soft cloth to polish it.

Does Chanel Gold Hardware Wear off?

No, Chanel Gold hardware does not wear off. Some of my Chanel bags are almost 10 years old and their gold hardware is still perfect after all these years, as is the hardware on my vintage Chanel handbags. However, it is worth remembering that you should not store you Chanel hardware wet or damp, always let it dry naturally if it gets caught in the rain and never mist perfume near it as this can discolour the hardware.

Does Chanel Silver Hardware Tarnish?

I only have a few Chanel bags with silver hardware, however, none of them have tarnished and they have all worn really well, even after years of wear!

Watch my Chanel Gold vs Silver Hardware Video!

Finally, always go with your gut, choose the bag which you love and makes you happy. I’m sure your going to love it either way! Do you have a Chanel bag? If so, which one(s) and what colour hardwear did you go for? Also, if you are interested in buying a preloved Chanel bag, I highly recommend this post!

Go Shopping!

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