Perfume: Jo Malone London ‘The Bloomsbury Set’ Collection 


Jo Malone London The Bloomsbury Set Collection

Next March will see the release of the next Jo Malone London Brit Collection. You might remember last year the collection was themed around the Herb Garden, this year, the collection is inspired by the Bloomsbury Set. This group of artists lived in the legendary Charleston House in East Sussex. It’s here they lived, loved and created art, music, prose and poetry. The collection is inspired by their free-spirited lives and the beautiful Charleston House they lived in.

Blue Hyacinth 

Blue Hyacinth is inspired by the gardens at Charleston House, beautiful blooms intwined with Blue Hyacinth, geraniums and woody, grassy vetiver. Blue Hyacinth is heavily floral with a vintage feel to it.

Garden Lilies 

Garden Lilies is inspired by the pond at Charleston House, it’s filled with floral aquatic notes of water lilies, green sap, ylang ylang, white musk and vanilla. It’s a light fresh floral fragrance with notes of green. Like the Blue Hyacinth, Garden Lilies is a lighter and very feminine fragrance.

Tobacco & Mandarin 

Tobacco & Mandarin is the scent of after-dinner moments, relaxing in the living room and indulging in debate and a smoke; Mandarin, sage, beeswax, and sweet tobacco. It’s fresh and zesty with mandarin, yet sweet and smoky with tobacco. Indulgent and intoxicating!

Leather & Artemsia 

Leather & Artemsia is another favourite of mine from the collection, again, slightly more masculine, it contains notes of absinthe, orris, leather and amber-like cypriol. It is inspired by the library and has a rich, leathery, nostalgic tone to it. Much like Whisky & Cedarwood, it is a much heavier scent, deep, dark and intoxicating.

Whisky & Cedarwood 

Whisky & Cedarwood is one of my personal favourites of the collection, it’s rich and heady with notes of whisky, roses, pimento, cedarwood and beeswood. It’s inspired by the nights at Charleston, late night soirees fuelled by whiskey, heady roses and the waxed floorboard which creek in the night. Very sexy, dark and rich, I think out of the full collection, this is the one I love the most!

The Jo Malone London The Bloomsbury Set Collection will be launched in March 2017 and available from Jo Malone London as well as stockists like Selfridges and John Lewis. Each fragrance is available as a 30ml bottle and will be priced at £45 each.




  1. November 16, 2016 / 12:33 am

    They all sound and look delicious!

    • fashionforlunch
      November 16, 2016 / 12:52 am

      They are all pretty amazing!! Thank you for stopping by! xxxx