My Very Practical Cyber Weekend

 oral b rose gold toothbrush on sale black friday

My Very Practical Cyber Weekend

Hello! It’s Sunday evening and it’s still Cyber Weekend! There is still one day left of discount shopping and I thought it would be a good time to share some of the purchases I have made and discuss some of the items I haven’t yet bought, but I am consider…. So far, Cyber Weekend is looking very, very practical. Proof I’m getting old, that or it’s a great time to buy the essentials at a great price. You decide!

Pretty Polly Tights

I made an epic order of Pretty Polly tights! I wear a dress pretty much every day and a good pair of tights is essential, not just for comfort, but also winter warmth. Believe me, I have tried and tested a lot of tights in my time, from Primark’s bargain nylons, to Walfords luxe legs, but I always go back to Pretty Polly as their tights are comfortable, a great fit and a brilliant price. I split my order between their fleece-lined opaque tights which are normally £10 per pair, but they are currently on sale at £6 with an extra 25% off at the check out. AMAZING! I also stocked up on their classic 100 Denier Super Soft tights in black which are usually £6, but on sale at £4.50 with an extra 25% off.

Boden Pyjama’s

I have been wanting a pair of Boden Pyjamas for ages now, as I have heard time and time again about how comfortable and cosy they are. However, the thrifty side of me couldn’t face spending £60 on an outfit that I would never leave the house in. Imagine my excitement when I saw that this weekend there is 30% off everything at Boden and my lust-worthy pyjamas were now just over £40! I almost tipped my coffee over my laptop as I was so excited! Oh and whilst I was there, I bought my boyfriend a pair of blue chinos as an early christmas present, at £38, they were a real steal!

External Hard-drive

I have been wanting an external hard-drive for a while now as my Macbook Pro is CRAMED FULL of images! Despite the fact I delete them often, it’s just ever enough and I often delete images which I regret at a later date because at the time I just needed to free up some space. I decided to wait until Cyber Weekend to make my purchase, but the one I wanted wasn’t on offer, so I just bought it regardless. Whilst it wasn’t on sale, it was purchased during Cyber-Weekend and it’s a reminder that if your laptop is on a go-slow because you have filled the hard drive up with blogger images, then maybe you also need an external hard-drive. FYI, I bought a Buffalo one, as they are meant to be the best!

MAC Cosmetics ‘Nutcracker Sweet’ Face Compact

Before you get excited for me, this is something I TRIED to buy and I was hoping it would be on sale, but it wasn’t and it had already sold out. DAMMIT!!! However, when I was on the MAC website, I did notice this pretty amazing set which is well worth checking out if you love a plum lip!

Oral B Toothbrush

If I didn’t already own one of these Oral B Toothbrushes (see image above), I would totally be buying on this weekend! They are usually £280 but this weekend, they are £99.99. They come complete with an app which bluetooth information to your phone about where you should brush next so you can make sure that you hit every single tooth at every single angle. Bloody brilliant if you ask me!

Olympus Pen Camera Lens

I’m sure you all know I take most of my blog and Instagram photos with the Olympus Pen, it’s a great little camera, which is made better with their top-notch lenses! I have a few lenses already, but next on my list is the 75mm, however, full price it’s £845, but there is a deal on right now where you can get 15% off…. I can’t deny… I’m very tempted as I feel like it would make my photos just that little bit better. I have one day left to decide, let me know what you guys think!

Feather & Black Bedside Tables

I never thought the day would come where I would get excited over bedside tables! However, I have been eyeing up these Feather & Black side tables for a last year and I am mega tempted to buy them this weekend. They are normally £825 each (£1650 for the pair) but they are currently on sale at £525 with an additional £100 off for every £500 you spend, making them £850 for the pair. Whilst they are still not quite Ikea prices, they are beautiful, high quality and I don’t doubt that they would last a lifetime. Again…. I have one day left to decide! Let me know what you guys think!

So, there we have it, my very practical cyber weekend purchases, almost-purchases and still-deciding-if-I-should purchases! Drop me some links below of what you have bought this weekend, I love to hear what you have found!