Fragrance: Miller Harris ‘La Feuille’

Miller Harris La Feuille perfume fragrance review

Miller Harris La Feuille

La Feuille tells the story of autumn in a contrast of warm and cool. A promenade as the leaves begin to turn from green to shades of gold and red. A rich fruity compote of juicy red berries, blackcurrant and milky figs provides contrast to the lush green of ivy leaves. A textured base of cut green stems from galbanum, earthy moss and oak create the sensation of leaves underfoot. Irresistible and memorable.


Top Notes: Citrus, Tomato leaves, Galbanum

Heart Notes: Rose

Base Notes: Cedarwood, Moss

In Review…

Miller Harris La Feuille is a fragrance I have had on my wishlist for the longest time. Whenever I pass by the store (generally Bruton Street or Covent Garden) I pop in to have a browse and always have a sneaky spritz before I leave! It’s one of those fragrances I am utterly obsessed with and have been for a good couple of years now, but I have never quite gotten around to treating myself to it. It’s hard to justify buying new fragrances when I have so many. It’s almost hard to believe it’s finally part of my collection!

Miller Harris La Feuille is part of the Perfumer’s Library Collection. This collection is made up of four fragrances; La Feuille, Le Jasmin, Veti Vert and Tuberosa. The rumour is that the perfumer behind Miller Harris, Lyn Harris never intended to launch these fragrances, they were created for herself, almost as an experiment and a little passion project. Each fragrance is incredibly complex and expensive to create, however, they are so beautiful, it seemed only right to release them as an exclusive collection.

Miller Harris La Feuille is a crisp, autumnal fragrance. It is highly complex and contains around 150 ingredients, but the most prominent of notes are fig, tomato leaves, red berries, blackcurrant, citrus, tomato leaves, galbanum at the top of the fragrance, Rose and ivy leaves at the heart of the fragrance and cedarwood, moss, oak and patchouli at the base. I feel like I’m going to struggle to put this fragrance into words which express just how special this fragrance is, but imagine the juiciest autumnal berries which are tart and sweet, some of them are crushed, others are still on the stem. The stems are green, filled with life and have that really ‘green fresh’ feel to them, the ground they are growing on is mossy, damp and earthy. Imagine there is a fig tree near by, it’s that time of the season where the figs are long gone, but the tree smells like figs; milky and green. The rose and galbanum add depth, richness and almost some sensuality to the fragrance and combine beautifully with the sweetness of the berries and fig. The green figs have a milky, creamy feel to them which also adds a sensuality to the perfume, a air of glamour and mystery.

What can I say, Miller Harris La Feuille is an Autumnal delight and unlike any other fragrance I can think of, it has a real plucked-from-nature green feel to it, filled with life and natural, but the complex nature of it gives it a a depth, richness, sensuality and excitement that you might not expect from such a earthy green fragrance. Absolutely stunning, put this on your must-sniff list and if you love it as much as I do, don’t wait two years to add it into your collection!

Miller Harris La Feuille is available as a 100ml bottle and costs £155 from Miller Harris.

Miller Harris La Feuille perfume fragrance review