OOTD: Breezy In Black


Breezy In Black

I love living by the seaside, but it can get hella windy here in Margate! I feel like I’m constantly doing battle with my fringe. No hairspray can compete against a sea breeze, and I’m not a 90’s hipster/chav who can pull of gelling down my fringe so it sticks to my forehead. Instead I will just keep trying to hold it down and hope for the best. Welcome to my blog and all my first world issues!


ASOS Suede Buckle Boots

Recently my wardrobe has been feeling a little stale. Maybe it’s the fact that half my clothes are still in storage from when we moved last year, or maybe it’s the fact I haven’t bought many new clothes for ages, because I bought a house. But either way, everything feels a little tired and dull. I decided to splurge a little and treat myself to some new items recently, two of which include these ASOS Buckle Boots and this Lazy Oaf Spotty Dress. Sometimes it only takes a couple of new items of clothing to make you remember how much you love older pieces, for instance, this Monki Duster Coat is about 2 years old now, but when I teamed it with my new dress and boots, I felt really excited about it again!


Marc B Handbag

My friend recently started working at Marc B and she kindly gave me this handbag as a treat! Isn’t it adorable? I was considering putting some pins and patches on it to punk it up slightly, but I left it be as it was too cute to risk ruining. FYI, if you check this post, you can see how Phiney Pet customised a handful of Marc B bags for her London Fashion Week presentation. They looked amazing!

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Celine Audrey Sunglasses

Lazy Oaf Spotty Dress

Monki Duster Coat

Marc B Kandi Handbag

ASOS Buckle Boots

All photos taken by Samantha Taylor.