Life: Home Renovations Update

Home Renovations Update

Life: Home Renovations Update

It’s been almost a year since I packed up all my worldly goods and moved to the seaside. I couldn’t be happier I have made the move and I absolutely adore living in Margate. The town is beautiful, it has such an amazing history and there’s such an amazing community of creatives here. Charlotte of Betty Magazine lives on the street next to me and my next-door-neighbour is an artist who is currently exhibiting in one of Barcelona’s biggest galleries and soon will have work in one of London’s best galleries… More on that soon I’m sure! I have met some amazing people since moving to Margate and I still get to spend time with my London chums as I travel into the city once or twice a week. Over the past few weeks, we have made some pretty amazing advancements on our house, and I’m so happy to share them with you all!

Painted Floors white

Painted Floors

When we moved into the house, the floors were carpeted with disgusting green carpets. We promptly striped them out, removed any exposed nails and carpet fixers and striped them back to pine. We experimented with some tester pots of wood oil, varnish and paint, but eventually settled on painting them all white. I love the results, it was hard work, harder than I expected and actually a lot more costly than I expected. But totally worth the effort! FYI, you would think painted floors are cheaper than laying carpet, but it’s actually around the same price. The skips are about £250 each (we have had 5 so far but that includes the bathroom suits and stud walls we have pulled out, I can’t help but think about the Chanel I could have bought with this money!) we also spent a lot hiring the floor-sander and the sanding pads cost an extra £100, on top of that we spent about £150 on floor paint and of course, it took a lot of time. But it’s totally worth it!


Pink office

My dreams of a big pink office are coming true! It’s still piled high with storage boxes, but the walls have now been completely painted and the floors have been edged with white paint. I can’t wait to set up my desk in here and fill my shelves with everything I need to take great photos and create some really exciting content! For those who are curious, our lighting is by Industville who make really cool industrial style lighting. They generally sell their wares to hipster coffee shops and boutiques, but they do sell to the public too and because they are online only and generally sold to trade, their prices are great!!

charlotte olympia kitty shoes spider web shoes hom

Walk-in Wardrobe

Last weekend our walk-in wardrobe got fitted! I’m so happy with it! We really loved industrial style shelves and rails which look almost like scaffolding, however, it’s harder to find on the high street than you might think. With a lot of searching online we finally found a company who could create what we wanted and were willing to do it in our home. A lot of companies who fit this style of furniture only do it for shops on massive contracts. So we got really lucky and I promise when everything is finished I will do a full blog post about it!


Green Guest Bedroom

We are currently sleeping in the guest bedroom as the master bedroom doesn’t yet have curtains / shutters at the window. Originally we were going to paint it grey or navy blue, but at the final moment (literally in the car park at B&Q) we decided to go for a green colour. It’s a little unusual but it’s actually really relaxing and peaceful. We have beautiful high ceilings and original architrave which the green really accentuates. I’m actually tempted to keep this bed and mattress in this room and turn it into a guest bedroom and buy a new bed frame and Tempur mattress for our bedroom, I can’t stop thinking about them after I went to an event last week (read more here).

painted white floors and fireplace

Bedroom Fireplace

The fireplace in the bedroom was slightly problematic for us as it had a huge hearth which was black and a little intrusive to the room. Since we knew we would never use the fire as a fireplace, we decided we to keep the beautiful original tiles, but remove the guard which was just to big and bulky. We replaced it with wood which was much lower to the ground and once painted white, it just felt much softer, more elegant and more streamline.


Pink Door

Also, in case you missed it, we gave our door a pretty cute makeover! It took hours days, but we stripped back our door, primed and undercoated it and finally painted it pink! I added on the little Wizard of Oz quote too, just for a little added fun! You can read the full post here.

I hope you enjoyed the update! We have been working pretty hard to keep progressing, but it’s tough work… wish me luck with the next phase!



  1. October 13, 2016 / 1:45 pm

    I hear you – gradually doing ours too, and it’s so annoying the things which blow your budgets that you don’t even realise you need, like skips or scaffold hire. Or, like in our bathroom that we’re doing at the moment, that all the floor joists are buggered and you need to install an entire new floor before your pretty freestanding bath can go in! Yay for DIY renovations! 😀
    BUT – when a project is finished and it’s all come together how you wanted, I wouldn’t change it for anything….soooo satisfying! Best of luck with the rest. x

    • fashionforlunch
      October 13, 2016 / 6:10 pm

      Hi Anna!! Ah, that’s amazing! I do hate the way budget gets in the way!!!!!! so annoying!