Perfume: Missoni Eau de Toilette


Missoni Eau de Toilette

“Fresh, luminous and feminine. A delicate fragrance inspired by the morning down and dedicated to a sensual, exuberant woman who’s femininity truly stands out”


Top Notes: Blood Orange, Nashi Pear, Pink Berries, Waterlily

Heart Notes: Freesia, Peony, Rosyfolia, Rosewater

Base Notes: Sylkolide, Heliotrope, Cedarwood, Georgywood


In Review…

I wish this perfume had been released earlier this year as it’s so, so pretty, I would have loved it in summer but now that the weather is getting cooler, I only want to wear masculine woods, ouds and spicy fragrances. Missoni Eau de Toilette is just too pretty for me in the winter. Despite the fact it’s not quite my style right now, I couldn’t resist featuring it, because it is a delight and I know so many other ladies will love this perfume, no matter what the weather!

First of all, the bottle… what can I say! It’s gorgeous! Those dreamy tones of pink and yellow are just beautiful. It’s colourful, bright and beautiful, much like the fragrance itself. This perfume opens with a bright notes of blood orange, pear and berries, which quickly open to reveal  the prettiest pink blooms of peony, rose and freesia. As for the base, it’s rich with musk-tones and sweet woods and sweet cherry-pie-marzipan-eqsue heliotrope. Missoni Eau de Toilette is a fruity floral treat with a dash of summer-time sexy. I can’t quite decide if I should save this perfume for next summer, or if I should give it to my BFF because I know she will love wearing this, despite the weather. If you love fruity-floral fragrances all year round, you need to try Missoni Eau de Toilette, it’s just lovely!

Missoni Eau de Toilette is out now and available from House of Fraser. The fragrance comes as a 30ml, 50ml and 100ml bottle as well as a body lotion and Bath & Shower gel.