Perfume: Michael Kors ‘Wonderlust’


Michael Kors Wonderlust

“Wonderlust is an infinite desire for adventure, romance and discovery. It’s for the woman with the curiosity and passion to trust herself and follow her heart”

– Michael Kors


Top Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, Almond Milk, Pink Pepper

Heart Notes: Jasmine, Dianthus, Heliotrope

Base Notes: Cashmeran Wood, Benzion, Sandalwood


In Review…

A few nights ago I went to a pretty magical dinner hosted by UK Michael Kors fragrance team. The event was held in the private dining room which had a wall-to-wall view of the the city skyline which was glowing orange as the sun set. I drank a little wine, caught up with some friends and enjoyed the new floral gourmand fragrance. I don’t often get a feeling of wanderlust, especially in a city I know so well, but surrounded by all those flowers, friends and *that* skyline, I just couldn’t help myself!

Wonderlust is the new fragrance by Michael Kors and I think it might be the best one yet. It has all the usual carefree sexy, summer vibes which you would expect from a Michael Kors fragrance, but it just feels a little but more special. A little bit more luxe and refined than usual. It opens up with a burst of fresh citrus and spicy black pepper. The rich florals are quickly exposed which are exotic, rich and usual, a blend of dianthus, heliotrope (one of my personal favourite florals) and jasmine. As for the base, it’s a delightful blend of benzoin (amber) sandalwood and cashmeran wood. It’s sweet yet spicy, floral yet citrus, fresh yet woody, if you love sweet, sexy, free spirited fragrance, this has the perfect mixed of summer evening vibes and well, wanderlust…

Michael Kors Wonderlust is out now and available from Feel Unique and John Lewis. it also comes as a shower gel and body lotion.