Fragrance: Zadig & Voltaire ‘This Is Him’ and ‘This Is Her’

Zadig & Voltaire This Is Him and This Is Her

 ‘This Is Him’ and ‘This Is Her’

The new fragrance duo from Zadig & Voltaire, simply named This Is Him and This Is Her.  Both fragrances are designed to be modern, young, arty, Parisian, free spirited with a rock star attitude. Both fragrances have woody and spicy notes, hers infused with creamy chestnut and floral tones, his with leather and incense.


This Is Him

This Is Him is the darker of the two fragrances and needless to say it is stored in the black bottle. It is moody, intense and cool. It has a very modern feel to it, like a bourgeois rebel. Despite it being created with men in mind, it does have a unisex feel to it and I’m sure you can all guess it’s my favourite of the two. It’s right up my street; powerful and edgy and filled with notes of spice, smoke, incense and woods, yet beautifully sweetened with vanilla notes.

This Is Him, Fragrance Notes

This Is Him opens with a crisp bittersweet burst of Grapefruit and spicy black pepper. Within moments it is engulfed with notes of rich incense, oud and sweet vanilla. The base is divine, warm, carefree sandalwood. Developed by perfumers Nathalie Lorson & Aurélien Guichard.


This Is Her

You will find Zadig & Voltaire This Is Her is the white bottle. The fragrance is filled with sensuous silk and cashmere, feminine, creamy, woody and confident. It has predominant notes of jasmine, florals, sweet benzoin (amber), sandalwood and chestnut cream, whilst it’s not mentioned, I would guess it also contains vanilla and musk. This is possibly the first time chestnut cream has been used in a fragrance too, so it’s very unusual and gives the fragrance a warm, milky, creamy feel to it. It’s very sexy and unique, but not my personal style, but saying that, it was a huge hit with both men and women at the event.

This Is Her, Fragrance Notes

This is Her opens with a burst of mixed florals and predominate tones of jasmine, as well as spicy pink peppercorn. The heart is rich, creamy and sweet with notes of benzoin and chestnut cream. As for the base, imagine warm, sweet, exotic sandalwood. Created by perfumers Sidonie Lancesseur & Michel Almanac.

Zadig & Voltaire This Is Him and This Is Her is released 12th September and priced at £36/£38 for 30ml, £42/£52 for 50ml and £58/£69 for 100ml. The lower prices being for the men’s fragrances, the higher prices are for the women’s fragrances.