Beauty: Five Essential Beauty Electricals


Five Essential Beauty Electricals

Whilst I could have a thousand perfumes and never consider it ‘too many’, beauty gadgets and electricals I like to keep a little more streamline. I often feel like you can use them for a week or two, get bored, put them in a draw and never use them again. Somehow, beauty electricals rarely fit seamlessly into my routine. However, there are four products I can never do without. Wanna hear what they are?


Oral B toothbrush

A year and a half ago my boyfriend bought us an electric toothbrush (don’t worry, we had different heads!) and I loved it, I saw and felt the difference but it broken within a year. Whilst it was in warranty, the documents were lost somewhere in the move and there was nothing I could do except put it in the bin *sad face*. Luckily I have a new electric toothbrush which is bigger and better than the first, it’s by Oral B and much more high-tech than my old one. It flashes red if you apply too much pressure (which can actually cause long term damage to your teeth) and if you connect the toothbrush to the app, it will direct you around your mouth and let you know if you have missed anywhere! I know it sounds like we are living in the future, but we kind of are!


Foreo Luna Cleansing Brush

There are a LOT of cleansing brushes on the market, some of them are good and others are about as ridiculous (and abrasive) as rubbing a nail brush on your face! The Foreo Luna 2 Cleansing Brush is my favourite as it is gentle on your skin but my-oh-my, your skin feels incredible after you use it! I use mine in the shower (it’s completely waterproof) and it rarely needs charging as the battery goes on forever! If you are considering buying a cleansing brush, this one is amazing!


ghd Classic Styler

I think every bathroom in the land has one of these! With these bad boys you can straighten or curl your hair and even if you wear your hair naturally wavy like mine, I still use it frequently to straighten out my fringe because it gets weird kinks in it! Also, I have a lot of love for ghd as they have been doing some amazing work with cancer charities to raise money and create beauty tutorials for women who have suffered hair loss. Check out this post to read more about their work.


Braun Silk-epil 9 Epilator

Unwanted hair is a bane of my life! However, I hate shaving my legs because I hate the stubble, I also hate how frequently I have to shave. As for waxing, it seems like a good idea, but who’s got the time to go to a salon every month and pay a fortune to be in pain!? Instead, I epilate. For me, it’s the lesser of all evils, you can do it in the comfort of your own home and in your own time. The regrowth time is the same as waxing and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than going to a salon. I have tried a lot of epilators in my time, but the Braun Silk-epil 9 is my favourite. The battery lasts for ages (I think I have only had to charge it once or twice and I use it a LOT!) and it can be used on wet or dry skin (although I always use it on dry skin). It manages to find the tiniest of hair and finds most of them on the first stroke (some epilators you have to go back and forth over the same patch of skin and it’s exhausting!) Oh and it has two extra attachments which you can see in the image, so this gadget also doubles as a cleansing brush.


Red Carpet Manicure Set

Again, in my quest to avoid salons and save cash, I have been doing my own nails recently. I’m so over regular nail polishes though, gels last so much longer and once you factor in the drying time of a classic polish, they don’t really take any longer, they are just a little bit more effort. This Red Carpet Manicure set is a winner because it gives you everything you need to create professional standard gel nails at home. In fact, I have had salon gels which haven’t looked as good or lasted as long as these! It’s an £89 kit, but it will honestly save you a fortune in the long run!

What are your Essential Beauty Electricals?



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