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Etta French Jewellery Candle

A few weeks ago I got an email from an old friend, she said she has been working feverishly to combine her two greatest loves; Jewellery and scented candles. Meet Etta French, the UK’s first ever jewellery candle!


Etta French Candles

Etta French candles come in four different scents; Violet & Sweetpea, Pomegranate & Mint, Rose, Saffron & Vetiver and Wisteria & Orange Blossom. Each one is made using soy wax and scented using naturally sourced essential oils. Whilst all the candle fragrances are very tempting, it was Violet & Sweetpea I chose in the end. After all, I love the scent of violets and it can be a hard-to-find fragrance! The candles come in a classic and travel size, but it’s only the classic sizes which contain jewellery…


Etta French Jewellery

Here is where things get exciting! Around 5-10 hours into burning the candle, the wax will burn down and you will expose a tiny silver foil package. Carefully pick it out with a pair of tweezers (seriously! Be careful!) inside the package you will find a piece of jewellery. There is no way of knowing what your jewellery will look like, not until you open it! There is about 100 designs, all of which are really well designed and stylish. I got a pineapple necklace in my candle, but I was also given an a second piece of jewellery as an example of another design. I’m super happy with them both and I had a snoop around the website to see other what other pieces of jewellery I could find and each and every piece I would be happy to add to my jewellery collection!

Head over to the Etta French website and have a look at their beautiful candles and jewellery, it’s such a unique brand and their candles are a perfect gift for yourself or a friend!







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