Ten Great Places To Eat In Margate


Ten Great Places To Eat In Margate

There are so many amazing places to eat and drink in Margate. Since I have lived here, I have visited a good chunk of them (not all of them, but most!) and there are new places popping up all the time. Even though this post is called ‘Ten Great Places To Eat In Margate’, I have actually listed about 15 places in this post. As for the image above, this one was taken in The Diner, which is an adorable 50′ style diner who make a mean milkshake, burger and stack of pancakes! I often pop in for a quick milkshake and Instagram photo! Let’s get started shall we?!

Peter’s Fish Factory

Don’t buy your fish and chips from anywhere but Peter’s Fish Factory! It’s only a tiny shop, so you can’t eat in, but you can eat on tables outside, or you can eat them on the steps which look out to the sea. Best fish and chips in Margate and a pea fritter is pretty good too!


Fort’s is where you take your hipster friends. It has a feel of East London to it, although I’m sure they will cringe if they ever read this. But it reminds me of so many cafes I went to in Bethnal Green. The decor is great, there is books clipped to the wall (which you are welcome to read) and board games like scrabble piled in the corner (you are welcome to play). As for the food, they have a delicious brunch menu and most of the produce is locally sourced and super good quality. They also make a great cup of coffee! I love it here, it’s friendly, delicious and you can look out at the sea whilst eating a full english. Location-wise, it’s on the front, but it’s up towards Cliftonville, it isn’t far from the Old Town and whilst you are around that area, make sure you pop into the perfumery Haeckel’s whilst you are there and Plinth, which is a really cool store filled with local art, magazines and just stuff I want to buy.


Melt is a gelato bar that I love! They make their ice cream on the premises and it sells out fast. In fact, if you go in on a saturday and a sunday (which I often do) you won’t find many of the same flavours as nearly never thing will have sold out. Some of my favourite flavours include Peanut butter and Jelly, Salted caramel, Tahini, Chocolate, Gummy Bear, Coconut, there is a huge selection of classics as well as exciting flavour combinations they have experimented with. Whilst Morelli’s in Broadstairs might have the dreamy original 50’s decor, the gelato in Melt is still my favourite. And FYI, the girls who work there, could not be any nicer. They always give monster scoops and let me try as many flavours as I want too!

GB Pizza

GB Pizza was recently named one of the best pizza places in the UK. They got that right! As a non-cheese eater, pizza can be a tricky dish for me, but GB pizza always whip me up a delicious cheese free option and often serve it with an egg. Their pizzas have a very modern feel, thin bases, chilli oil, rocket, Prosciutto ham and what not. Delicious! If you go on a Monday or Wednesday the prices are insanely good (£5 for a pizza on Monday, Half price pizza on a wednesday) and the garlic bread is exceptional!

Buoy and Oyster

One of the classier joints in Margate, Buoy and Oyster have a beautiful terrace which looks out onto the sea which is lovely in the summer if you want a cocktail! It’s really well known for it’s seafood menu and in the evenings they often have live music. Personally, I order the burger as they make a brilliant burger. It’s the kind of place you might take your parents to prove to them that you have grown up, or you might go there for your birthday as a special treat.

The Greedy Cow

Located in the Old Town of Margate, The Greedy Cow is a lovely place to go for lunch with your friends. They do some really delicious snacks like falafel flatbread and a pulled pork burger. They also do a killer hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream, their cakes and brownies are pretty amazing too!!

The Cupcake Cafe

When I first moved to Margate everyone told me about The Cupcake Cafe and I kind of avoided it as I’m over cupcakes. However, it’s not just cupcakes they do, they do stacks of delicious brownies, cakes and treats. As well as making a damned good bacon sandwich and great british basics like cheesy beans on toast. It’s pretty delicious and in summer, you can eat outside too! Location wise, it’s two doors down from The Greedy Cow, both places are generally pretty full, so I usually go to whichever I can get a table at. For the Vegans out there, The Seaside Cake Parlour is a beautifully decorated cafe just behind the old town.

Cheesy Tiger

As a non-cheese eater, I almost didn’t include Cheesy Tiger in this edit, as it only really serves cheese. I once went in with my boyfriend and friends, I explained I didn’t like cheese and she laughed and said there wasn’t much for me then. She was super nice about it and even gave me an apple to munch on, but menu wise, there is nothing for me here. However, my boyfriend loves it, my friends love it, everyone loves it. If you love cheese, Cheesy Tiger will be your favourite place ever, if like me you can’t abide cheese, avoid at all costs. It’s so cheesy, I could smell the cheese before I walked in! Cheesy Tiger is located on the Harbour Arm, it’s friendly and relaxed and it’s a beautiful place to spend the evening. FYI, there are LOADS of amazing places to eat on the Harbour Arm; Mala Kaffe (for great coffee and nibbles), Be Beached (for brunch and lunch) and so many more. You can’t really go wrong with the Harbour Arm!

Be Beached

As mentioned above, Be Beached is located on the Harbour Arm, it’s the first cafe you will come to and it’s only small, but it’s just lovely! They do such nice brunches and lunches; pancakes, eggs benedict, burgers… it’s just really good fresh food, mega delicious and such a cute little venue with such a beautiful view!

Yama’s & Bow’s Kitchen

OK, so this is actually two places, but quite frankly, Yama’s is only open in the day and Bow’s Kitchen is open in the evening, so I’m lumping it into one, even though they are not located near each other, or connected at all. Yama’s is a delicious lunchtime Thai cafe, It’s fast, friendly, delicious and great value. They do a mean stir fry! As for Bow’s Kitchen, it is above the Wig & Pen pub in the Old Town and it’s more of an evening place. It has wood panelling on every wall and it’s really cosy in the winter. Bow always comes out to say ‘hello’ and her award winning food is a treat!

Drop me a message if you have been to any of these places and if you have any other favourite Margate eateries, let me know! Bon appétit!



  1. August 18, 2016 / 10:28 pm

    I can’t wait to visit Margate! not only does it look beautiful, it looks like it is a great place to dine

    • fashionforlunch
      August 19, 2016 / 10:47 am

      margate is amazing! come visit soon!!!!!!!!!!