Beauty: The Good Spa Guide Recommended Summer Products


The Good Spa Guide Recommended Summer Products

Before my boyfriend and I became home owners, we went to a lot of spas together. We both worked hard in our jobs and it was nice to get a little down-time together. You know the score; sit in pool filled with bubbles, drink smoothies, have your muscles rubbed and your skin exfoliated. Ah! The memories! One thing I learnt was, it’s important to do some research on a spa before you book in, there is a world of difference between a mediocre spa and a fabulous spa, many spas are linked to hotels and as we all know, hotel stars can often be a little misleading. The Good Spa Guide is a brilliant website where you can search for spas in your local area, read all about new and exciting treatments, great afternoon teas and of course, their annual awards. Alongside recommending spas, they also delve into the world of spa beauty products, they recently sent me a big ol’ bundle of summer goodies to try and test, of course I wanted to share my findings with you all! Let’s go!


TempleSpa Glorious Mud

I love this product so much! I had so much fun using TempleSpa Glorious Mud. It is a full on clay which you can use all over to deep cleanse skin and leave it brightened, detoxed, soft, exfoliated… you name it, this product does it. Paste it all over yourself, look in the mirror and have a giggle and then either wait 20 minutes and wash it off. Or…


TempleSpa All Wrapped Up

For best results, get into the All Wrapped Up Sauna Suit to really send this product into overdrive. If you want to make this product last a little longer, you can concentrate it on specific areas like legs, arms or d├ęcolletage. It seems more effort, but actually, it makes things much easier as you don’t have to worry about brushing past white walls with mud on!


Aromatherapy Associates Revive Body Oil

Anyone who reads my blog will know I adore Aromatherapy Associates, so I did a little ‘whoop!’ when I opened to tissue and discovered their Revive Body Oil in the package! This body oil is super nourishing and leaves skin super soft. I use it after my shower and it leaves my skin happy and hydrated. It’s filled with coconut oil, jojoba and peach kernel oil. As for the scent, it’s pure uplifting heaven, it smells like grapefruit with a hint of rosemary and juniper. Love it!!


Nimue Skin Exfoliating Enzyme

Generally speaking, I prefer facial scrubs rather than enzyme exfoliators, I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because I was taught good skin care with a scrub and I haven’t really strayed away from that. I put those thought to one side and gave it a good go, after all, this Nimue exfoliator has been recommended by The Good Spa Guide! It’s a pretty quick process to use this product, just apply it, leave it for a few moments, wet your fingers massage it in and remove with a face cloth. Ta da! Super soft smooth skin with a really even finish. FYI, when my boyfriend saw this product, he got excited, he used to regularly buy this exact product and he was always a big fan of it. Me, I’m still more of a scrub girl because I’m set in my ways, but the best Enzyme exfoliator I have tried thus far and I love the results.


Thalgo Exotic island Body Scrub

When I read the title ‘exotic island body scrub’ I assumed it was smell like tropical flowers, I didn’t expect it to contain sand from Bora Bora and sea salt! Kind of amazing! It does actually smell kind of tropical too, as it contains coconut and vanilla. It has a super sweet delicious scent, which I love! I use it on my dry skin to really give it a good scrub (I never think scrubs work as effectively on wet or damp skin) and leave my skin feeling soft, the high oil content leaves my scrubbed skin soft and hydrated. Thalgo Exotic Island Body Scrub is a tropical treat!


Comfort Zone Hydra Memory Moisturiser

Finally, the Comfort Zone Hydra Memory Moisturiser, I have used Comfort Zone before and I can assure you, it’s gorgeous products! I think they actually use their products in The Ritz Spa if I remember rightly (not that I have been in, I just walked past it once, obvs). This moisturiser glides over my skin and soaks in super fast, which is perfect in the current heatwave as you don’t end up feeling like you have a sweaty face the second you hit the sun. It plumps up the surface of the skin and leaves me feeling pretty good about my complexion. Also, it’s just a tiny pot, but a little goes a long way and the pot is filled up to the very top. I’m very happy to be using it on my skin day and night, it’s just a lovely face cream which feels nourishing but lightweight and it has a very fresh feel to it.

Let me know if you are a spa lover and if you have tried any of these products! Also, there’s going to be Twitter chat on the 26th July, 7-8pm using the hashtag #spabeauty, make sure you come and get involved!