Beauty: Festival Essentials


Festival Essentials

When it comes to festival essentials, packing is somewhere between a science and an art. You need to consider a lack of showers and backpack space, as well as increased amount of sun-exposure and selfies. Somehow you need to find the perfect balance between being low maintenance and looking good. As good as your intentions might be, you just can’t guarantee finding a shower, nor will you be able to take your make-up off with running water. Here are my festival beauty essentials!


Hand sanitiser

Mega obvious, but let’s be honest, if you forget it, you are screwed! My advice is to take a few, one for your handbag, one for the campsite and a couple more just in case any of your friends forget theirs and you have to share. I personally really love the Soap & Glory hand sanitiser as well as the Cowshed version. Whilst we are talking about glamorous essentials. Don’t forget toilet paper. Plenty of it too! Pack it in your backpack wrapped inside a plastic carrier bag so if the weather is bad, you won’t be stuck with soggy toilet paper!

Sun Cream

Often forgotten at festivals but even if it’s not piping hot, it’s still nessassary. From the moment you get out of the tent in the morning, to the time the sun goes down in the evening, you will be exposed to the sun, there’s barely a scrap of shade to be found at festivals. So make sure you pack it and actually remember to use it, don’t ruin your festival experience by getting burnt on day one. Whilst we are on the subject, make sure you pack aftersun too, yes it takes up extra backpack space, but it’s a lifesaver if you do get burnt or if any of your friends refuse sun cream and get burnt (I’m looking at the boys here!). Remember, happy friends = happy festival! I swear by Dermlogica Sun Cream and After Sun, I also love their Solar Defence Booster which can be used in conjunction with BB cream, face cream or foundation to give added protection. Perfect!


Dermalogica Wipes

Face wipes are not ideal for every day use, however, they are essential at a festival. Avoid buying £1 supermarket wipes and instead use a good quality face-wipe like these Dermalogica Precleanse Wipes. Ordinarily, I use these wipes to remove stubborn eye make-up before cleansing, but at a festival I use them to take off everything; suncream, dirt and make up and then to freshen up with a liberal spritz of Dermalogica’s Multi-Active Toner. Together this duo leaves my skin feeling clean, make-up free and fresh, without being irritated and stingy from cheap face wipes. When you don’t have running water, this is a pretty good alternative! For the Body, buy different face wipes and just remember, the cheap ones are packed full of alcohol, so try wipes which are filled with Micellar water like Bioderma or Clinique wipes. Both are pretty great!


Multi-Use Moisturiser

Multi-use products are perfect for festivals, my two current favourites are Egyptian Magic and Lanolips.  Egyptian Magic can be used as a hand cream, face cream, aftersun as well as to heal ailments like minor cuts, burns and eczema. As for Lanolips, this super thick cream is lanolin-based and works perfectly as a lip balm, cuticle cream, heel balm and anywhere that needs a little extra TLC. Pop one in your handbag and the other in your camp backpack!



The days of going make-up free at a festival are long gone, there are way too many cameras around for that. However, a lack of backpack space means you really need to keep cosmetics to a minimum. Keep things simple with your trusted favourites and multi-use products like a lip & cheek stain. Personally, I love a good BB Cream, eyeliner, bronzer and highlighter and lipstick. Plus plenty of concealer and mascara, because after a day or two at the festival, my eyes will need a little extra help! If you decide to go for glitter, don’t put it too near your eyes, instead go for the cheekbones, forehead, wherever, just not near your eyes, if you don’t remove it fully, it will go inside your eyes and burrrnnnnnn! Also sunglasses are essential for hiding all dark circles. Never forget your sunglasses!

What are your festival beauty essentials?


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