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World Duty Free Perfume Exclusives

It’s hard to believe just a month ago I was flying first-class to New York City. Holidays are so special and they are a wonderful way to make amazing memories. Fragrance and memory are super closely linked, which is why I always choose my travel perfumes carefully. It’s also the reason you will find me searching for new perfumes at the airport! I love to buy a new fragrance, wear it on holiday and then months later, when I am back in London feeling a sense of wanderlust, I can spritz my holiday perfume and am teleported back to that destination. But that’s not the only perk to airport shopping! Because you don’t have to pay tax (or duty for non-EU travellers) on purchases, it’s at least 20% cheaper than the high street. Also,  World Duty Free  has hundreds of airport exclusive products which you won’t find anywhere else. And you can now also reserve your holiday shopping online, ready to collect at the airport when you fly – brilliant! It’s almost a good enough reason to book a holiday! Here are some of my favourite summer fragrance exclusives at the airport to get you in the mood for your next vacation!


Guerlain-Aqua-Allegoria- Rosa-Pop

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria  Rosa Pop

I am a huge fan of Guerlain fragrances, so imagine my excitement when I was browsing the airport and discovered a fragrance from the Aqua Allegoria collection which I had never seen before! It’s called Rosa Pop and it’s a beautiful pink, fruity floral fragrance filled with notes of juicy red berries, pink peonies, lush roses and zesty lemon. It’s sparkling and fabulous and it’s got a bottle so pretty it will make your Instagram friends jealous! It’s also a steal at £46 for 100ml.


Shanghai Tang Miniature Set

Shanghai Tang launched their fragrance collection just last year. So if you haven’t tried it yet, this is a great chance to experience the different scents in the range before you select your favourite and purchase a full size bottle. The Shanghai Tang Fragrance Collection is inspired by a sensory journey from Europe to China, rich colours, ancient cultures, rare ingredients and traditions. Each fragrance has been handcrafted and uses the finest ingredients from around the world. My personal favourite is Orchid Bloom for it’s lush roses, juicy dark berries, patchouli and musk. These set of miniature bottles is £39.20.


Versace Miniature Crystal Collection

This mini Versace Parfums Crystal set is perfect for holidays! You can wear one a day for the trip and once you have used them all up, they make the most beautiful objet d’arts for any dressing table or walk-in closet shelf. This set can only be found at World Duty Free and it includes miniature bottles of Versace Crystal Noir, Versace Bright Crystal, Versace Yellow Diamond, Versace Bright Crystal Absolu and Versace Yellow Diamond Intense. My personal favourite is Versace Cryatal Noir, it’s filled with beautiful floral notes of tuberose, gardina and orange blossom, plus it has a hint of spice! All these minis are 5ml each and its £35 for the set.

Jimmy Choo Illicit Miniature Set

Jimmy Choo Illicit Miniature Set

This Jimmy Choo set contain five miniature bottles; two Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum, two bottles of the new Illicit and one bottle of Jimmy Choo Eau de Toilette. Whilst you could keep all five of these perfumes for yourself, I actually love the idea of splitting it in half and keeping one full set of each for yourself and giving the other two bottles to your travel buddy! It’s a nice travel treat for you both and even after you halve the set, there is still enough fragrance to last the holiday. My personal favourite of the collection is Illicit, it’s sexy, carefree and exciting and has a bit of a rock ‘n’ roll edge to it with its floral, ginger and cedarwood notes You can get this set for £34 in World Duty Free!


Miller Harris Etui Noir

Finally, we have Miller Harris and their phenomenal new scent, Etui Noir. Whilst this will be available from general release from June, it was actually launched exclusively way back in April at World Duty Free. Not only can you buy a huge host of scents first at World Duty Free, but you will always also get at least 20% saving off the regular shelf price, which makes this scent in particular £76 for a 100ml bottle (when its £95 on the high street). If you don’t know Miller Harris, then make sure you head over to the collection when you are next in the airport. They are one of the most loved and well-respected independent British fragrance brands. They make the most beautiful fragrances and only ever use natural ingredients (with the exception of musk of course). The fragrances are often inspired by memories and Etui Noir is inspired by a well worn and much loved leather jacket. Comforting, and filled with rich leathers and incense. It’s a unisex fragrance which is full of texture, passion and mystery. Definitely one for the holiday collection to remind you of your next adventure!


So there we have it, five great reasons to book a holiday! Leave a comment to let me know where you are next travelling to and which of these fragrances exclusives you will be looking out for!





Jimmy Choo Illicit Miniature Set





Guerlain-Aqua-Allegoria- Rosa-Pop






Guerlain-Aqua-Allegoria- Rosa-Pop-pink-perfume-review-rose


Guerlain-Aqua-Allegoria- Rosa-Pop-world-duty-free-exclusives

Guerlain-Aqua-Allegoria- Rosa-Pop-perfume-review




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