Perfume: Penhaligon’s ‘Luna’


Penhaligon’s Luna 

Luna is a new fresh floral, offering a feminine counterpart to the woody leather notes of Endymion Concentré. Inspired by the light of a magnificent crescent moon that brightens one’s dreams, this luxurious new fragrance captures the intoxicating spirit of the mythical Goddess of the Moon. Hypnotic and sensual, Luna shines up from the dark water, illuminating the ink-coloured night sky.


Top Notes: Bergamot Oil, Lemon Primofiore Oil, Orange Bigarade Oil

Heart Notes: Rose Accord, Jasmine Petal Accord, Juniper Berry Oil

Base Notes: Fir Balsam, Amber Gris, Musks

My Thoughts

Penhaligon’s latest release is a duo, Luna and Endymion Concentré, I will feature Endymion Concentré super soon, but for now, let’s discuss Luna. Luna is of course inspired by the moon, it’s luminous light, spirit and sensuality. This fragrance opens with a burst of citrus notes, bergamot, lemon and orange. I personally steer clear of orange-based fragrances as they can be a bit ‘sticky’ and sickly for my taste, but somehow the orange is noticeable but it’s just a hint of orange blended with the lemon and bergamot, giving it a slight orange twist, but not enough to make it sticky. The heart is filled with florals notes which shine through just enough to give the orange notes a bit more of an orange blossom feel. The heart is a delight, it is made up of dark, juicy juniper berry oil which has a touch of sweetness as well as sensual jasmine and heady, luxe rose accord. Together they have a real dark, sweet, sensual feel. On the dry down you will find traces of orange and lemon as well as the juniper berries and floral accords all blended with warm sweet amber notes and sensual musks. Penhaligon’s Luna is a fragrance like no other, it has a fresh glow to it, but it also has a very playful evening, sensual side to it. Another wonderful fragrance from Penhaligon’s, I can’t get enough of what they do! Make sure you give it a sniff when you next stop by the store! It’s really special!

Penhaligon’s Luna is available now from Penhaligon’s





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