Perfume: La Perla ‘Peony Blossom’


La Perla Peony Blossom


Top notes: Orange Blossom, Peach, Pear, Blackcurrant

Middle notes: Violet, Jasmine, Peony

Base notes: Vanilla, Musk, Patchouli

My Thoughts

I have a real thing for luxury and niche fragrances, however, I fully understand they come with a hefty price tag. Whilst I feel these prices are justified and I love to spend my money on them, I understand not everyone feels the same or maybe in a position to do so. It’s for these reasons, I still scour the perfume halls to find beautiful fragrances for all budgets. The latest I have come across is La Perla Peony Blossom.

I have featured La Perla perfumes in the past and they never fail to impress me with their feminine fruity-floral scents which look and feel a lot more luxe than the price tag. If I didn’t know how much this perfume cost, I would have guessed it would retail for around £50-£60 rather than £30. La Perla Peony Blossom bursts open with a fresh floral hit of orange blossom mixed with juicy blackcurrants and sweet peach and pear. The heart is filled with pretty pink peonies, rich jasmine and sweet violet. As for the base, imagine a sensual blend of vanilla, musk and patchouli. Sometimes cheaper perfumes have a bit of an alcoholic feel to them when you first spritz, you won’t find that here, nor does it feel synthetic or overly sweet. It has a sweetness to it, but it’s pretty and playful rather than insipid or sickly. Whilst this perfume is not my style, it’s too pretty and feminine for my taste (you all know I like to smell a little more woodsy and oriental), but I still love it as it’s a lovely fruity floral. If you have a limited perfume budget, La Perla is such a good option, either this one or Just Precious, which is also a stunner.

La Perla Peony Blossom can be bought from House of Fraser and John Lewis.