Gifts: What To Buy A Hipster Dad For Father’s Day

Lush Men Gift Box man

What To Buy A Hipster Dad For Father’s Day

Is your dad a bit of a hipster? Does he rock a beard, skinny jeans, drink craft bear and carry around a leather bound note book? Then take note: Don’t feel like you have to ‘stay safe’ and buy him a ‘Super Dad’ mug filled with cartoon imagery of footballs. Instead, buy him something he will love, something cool! Perhaps the Father in question is your husband and you are buying something for his on behalf of the baby or young children, if so, this is the gift guide for you!


Lush Men Gift Box

This Lush Men Gift Box is made for a hip dad, it even has a cute stick man on the front riding a bike (betcha it’s a fixed gear bike with no mud guard!). It’s filled with cool dad-type treats like Five O’clock Whistle (shaving cream), Ocean Salt (face and body scrub), Lord of Misrule (shower cream), The Greeench (deodorant Powder), Mask Of Magnaminty (face and body mask), New (shampoo bar) and even his own personal masculine herby bath bomb because let’s be honest, he wants a bath just as much as you do! Everything smells tough, clean, herby and masculine, but in a delicious Lush way. My boyfriend is a huge fan of everything in this box and he’s old and hip too!


True Grace Portobello Oud Candle

My friends are always shocked that I buy my dad scented candles, but I swear he absolutely adores them! He burns them in his study and he often goes to bed early to read a book and he always takes a candle up with him. My advice is, choose a candle for him which is in ‘masculine’ style packaging and choose fragrance notes which he wears as a cologne, perhaps something aquatic with sea salt, lavender and vetiver, or maybe something darker with heavy woods, smoky oud and leather notes. My dad loves lavender candles, my boyfriend loves the latter, which is why I think a hipster dad would LOVE True Grace Portobello Oud Candle. It’s a blend of bergamot, sandalwood, oud, ginger and coriander. It has an old gentleman’s club feel with lots of leather, wood and whiskey.


The Refinery Grooming Products

Again, my boyfriend loves The Refinery grooming products, he used to go to their London salon every week (I wish I was kidding, that boy has expensive taste!). So often he would come home with a little bag of products as he fancied treating himself. Their luxury products smell great, work effectively and look good on his bathroom shelf. He also swore that they last a long time too. FYI, when you fly first class with British Airways, the ladies get a bag full of Aromatherapy Associates and the men get a bag of The Refinery. Nice!


Serge Lutens L’eau De Paille

Mr Serge Lutens never  reveals more than just one or two of the fragrance notes of his creations, instead he shares a thought or a memory behind the scent. Many of his inspirations are quite dark as he had a troubled childhood, this fragrance comes from a happier place. “In my mind’s eye, I kept seeing a hot iron moving back and forth on freshly washed linen. I finally distilled the image into a fragrance to get it out of my head.” He says  of  L’eau De Paille. For me this fragrance smells like green grass, fresh straw and outdoors. Perfect, plus the bottle is hiperty-hip!


Pen Heaven Note Book

My boyfriend is a note book addict, he has so many of them for so many different facets of his life. He always favours a leather bound book and bonus points if it is made in Italy and embossed with his monogram. This journal is from Pen Heaven and it’s all those things and more. Plus the paper quality is beautiful to write on. It’s currently on sale and a great father’s day gift which he can use every single day!


Paul Smith Socks

Socks are a classic gift, but quite frankly, every one loves a new pair of socks. Especially luxury socks by a great British designer, much like these ones from Paul Smith at Mainline Menswear. My boyfriend always appreciates as a good pair of socks and Paul Smith are a favourite of his, choose a print which is on the darker side so that he can wear with a suit or jeans and pick a print which he will want to show off when he sits down and you see a flash of sock. Apparently men are into that!


Harris Brushes

New Dads are also likely to be new homeowners. I wrote previously about how good Harris Brushes and rollers are for painting rooms and woodwork. Why not treat him to a handcrafted Harris ‘Never buy another brush’? It’s handmade in England, suitable for all paints and even features a wood handle which can be monogrammed. It comes with a lifetime guarantee and it can even be returned for restoration if it’s ever needed! It’s sweet, thoughtful and super practical.


Tom Daxon Shower Gel

Tom Daxon is one of the most exciting mens fragrance brands around. The fragrances are rich, heavily scented and always filled with natural ingredients. They are meticulously made in their perfumery in Grasse, France. My boyfriend was once gifted a bottle via Lou Dalton’s LCM show and since then he has been an avid fan. Cologne Absolute is his favourite shower gel and if you want to get him something he can enjoy every day, this is a great gift.

What are you planning on getting your dad for fathers day?