Fragrance: Roja Parfums ‘H Aoud’

 roja parfums h for harrods exclusive perfume fragrance

Roja Parfums H Aoud

I loved creating ‘H’ – The Exclusive Aoud – for Harrods. I have blended some of the rarest, richest, and most exotic materials available to capture the spirit of this peerless store. I hope my rich, sumptuous creation embraces the spirit of the store itself – the finest in the world.

-Roja Dove


Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Grapefruit

Heart Notes: Plum

Base Notes: Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Aoud, Pepper, Wood Notes, Patchouli, Vetiver

Deep Base Notes: Cistus, Ambergris

Perfumer: Roja Dove

In Review…

Before I start talking about this fragrance, I’m going to mention the price. Yes, it’s a lot, but let’s be honest, I regularly flaunt handbags on my blog which cost in the region of ten times this sum. So, let’s just enjoy the perfume for what it is, extravagant, special and fabulous. My boyfriend never keeps anything for best, he’s a ‘if you have it, use it’ kind of guy and always berates me for keeping handbags for best or shoes for special occasions. But even he has an exception to the rule and this fragrance seems to be it, he declared just yesterday that this fragrance was too good to be worn every day, he even joked that it was too good to wear around riff-raff. Terrible, I know, but we laughed regardless.

Roja Parfums H Aoud is only available from Harrods and it has quite a modern exotic feel to it. It opens with a burst of citrus freshness, lemon, grapefruit and smoky bergamot. It also has a hint of plum, not just the fruit, but also the green leaves. The base notes are heavy and feel like a cross between base and heart notes, with warm sandalwood, smoky aoud, spicy pepper, grassy vetiver, woods and earthy patchouli. As for the rare, deep base notes, you might be able to detect slightly honey-like notes of cistus and the slightly sweet, animalistic notes of ambergris.

Fragrance is never easy to describe, but Roja Parfums H Aoud is the perfect mix of being intense, warm, earthy, rich, smoky and exotic, whilst also having a magical freshness and crispness to it. All the elements of the fragrance, the woods, citrus, spice and musk, are beautifully balanced and there is a fineness to the ingredients which is just perfect. In fact, that’s the best word I can use to describe this fragrance, perfect!

Roja Parfums H Aoud is made exclusively for Harrods, it is available as a 50ml bottle and costs £395

 roja parfums h for harrods exclusive perfume fragrance

 roja parfums h for harrods exclusive perfume fragrance