Fragrance: Bronnley ‘Citrine Lagoon’ 


Bronnley Citrine Lagoon

Bronnley Citrine Lagoon is part of the Eclectic Elements Collection which is made up of four fragrances, each inspired by Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Citrine Lagoon is inspired by the refreshing and rejuvenating power of Water.


Top Notes: Grapefruit, Lemon

Heart Notes: Lavender, Pink Pepper

Base Notes: Amber, Vetiver

In Review…

Humidity is great when you are on holiday and you have the luxury of a plunge pool, but when you are in the city, trying to get stuff done, the heat can feel tiring and oppressive. You know those days; when your rings feel too small for your fingers, your bag strap is sticking to your skin and your favourite perfume feels heavy and overwhelming.

It’s days like that where I need to ditch my usual red rose, Amber and oud fragrances and instead find something a little more refreshing. Something super-clean to cut through the hot, stinky heat and make me feel clean, refreshed and breezy. Bronnley Citrine Lagoon is a burst a freshness, lemon and grapefruit at the top, with a hint of soothing lavender and spicy pepper at the heart and a wonderfully deep base of amber and vetiver. I absolutely adore the citrus scent of grapefruit and I think it’s massively underrated as a citrus fragrance, which is why I adore this perfume so much. It’s summery and citric with only a hint of natural sweetness. It’s revitalising, crisp and just the right amount of sharpness. Perfect for hot sticky days! If, like me, you love grapefruit based fragrances, you are going to go nuts for this fragrance!

PS. If you are a newcomer to Bronnley fragrances, make sure you look them up, they have an amazing bath and body collection as well as a personal fragrances and they are truly lovely!

Bronnley Citrine Lagoon is available from and it is priced at £35 for a 50ml bottle.